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AC AMATEUR tour 2016- Ott HÕBE, Aleksandra neljas, Jaanika viies

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Team-andro.com galleries from the amateur bodybuilding finals are online now as well, please view them at https://www.team-andro.com/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=3067
Still no result lists online though :(

Saturday over all winners //

Up to and incl. 90 kg final comparisons, Mr Vullioud wins the title in this class //

up to and incl. 100kg final comparisons //

Superheavies final comparisons //

Free posing routine of the over all winner Sergey Kulaev //

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Some footage of figure over all comparisons and interview with the over all winner, in Spanish though :)

Bikini over all winner Fernanda Kunze interview + some footage //

Kulaev footage + interview with Shawn Ray //

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Arnold Classic Africa by Andrew Michalak

Last week was devoted to the IFBB Asian Championships in Beijing, China, and IFBB Diamond Cup in Zilina, Slovakia. Now we will move to Africa, to its south end: South Africa, to watch the first on this continent Arnold Amateur Championships, being a part of the largest in Africa Multi Sport Festival and Expo.




South African Federation, under the leaderships of its President Wayne Price, has become more and more active in the recent years. Two years ago they hosted first in Africa Olympia Amateur competition in the city of Ekurhuleni, Gauteng Province. We still stay in the Gauteng Province but now are moving to its capital and the largest city in South Africa: Johannesburg. The city was established in 1886 following the discovery of gold in the extremely large gold deposit found along the Witwatersrand (56-kilometre-long scarp). Over 50 000 tons of gold have been mined from these rocks what accounts for approximately 50% of all the gold ever mined on earth. Due to the above, the city is commonly interpreted as the modern day El Dorado.


The multi-sport program of the whole event involves more than 43 sporting disciplines, including our IFBB Physique Sports as well as Crossfit, Powerlifting, Beach Volleyball, Ringball, Dance sports and many others. Also a Fitness Expo dedicated to healthy lifestyle. This all takes place under one roof with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the incredible Sandton Convention Center – one of South Africa’s most prestigious and technologically advanced business, conference and event centers. The Sandton Center is conveniently accessible from the Tambo International Airport  by the Gautrain – a modern railway transport system (trains available every 12 min.). Travelling at up to 160 km per hour, you will need 15 minutes to get from the airport to the Sandton Station.


South African Federation developed this project based on their experience got with the organization of the 2014 Olympia Amateur Africa. IFBB sports will include all divisions except children fitness, altogether 40 categories in total. The event is open to all African, Middle East and European IFBB-Affiliated National Federations and 29 countries used this occasion to sent their National Teams. This location also creates a very good opportunity to show internationally for teams from Central and South African countries, so we will see competitors from Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia. But also from longer-distant South Hemisphere locations like New Zealand, Bolivia, Chile and Seychelles. Plus teams from 12 European countries and 7 teams from Middle East.


Men’s Bodybuilding:

South Africa enters their top internationally renowned stars: 2014 Olympia Africa and 2015 Arnold Amateur USA winner Michael Adonis, 2014 Olympia Africa winner and 2015 World Championships finalist Earl Abrahams as well as 2012 world junior champion and 2015 World Men’s Championships finalist Louis Bessenger.

From abroad: 2016 Olympia Amateur Kuwait winner Samir Troudi (Sweden). He will directly come to South Africa from Zilina, Slovakia where he was a runner-up at the  2016 IFBB Diamond Cup. Then 2014 Olympia Africa winner Ziad Mekdachi (Seychelles), now 5 kg heavier will go in 95 kg class. Also semifinalist of many IFBB World Championships Dawid Ekpe Egbonyi (Nigeria). And many new faces from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia whose predispositions are yet unknown but some new stars may emerge from this group at this competition. It will be very interesting to see them all as it has never been so wide presentation of African bodybuilders yet.


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Finally some results from the AC amateur South Africa //


M. Johannesburg hosted an outstanding 1st. edition of the Arnold Classic South Africa, where we discovered a new set of amateur athletes that reached the glory, winning in their respective overall sport disciplines.


Leaded by fantastic south african athlete, Earl Abrahams -from Western Province- winner in Bodybuilding up to 100 kg. and in the overall category; the other stars in this Arnold Classic edition were the next:


Bodybuilding: Earl Abrahams (South Africa)
Men´s Physique: Abdel Al Qusai (Jordan)
Classic Bodybuilding: Joe Manjoo (South Africa)
Bikini: Frida Paulsen (Sweden)
Fitness: Claire McGrath (Ireland)
Bodyfitness: Odette de Winaar (South Africa)
Women´s Physique: Margitta Zamolova (Czech Republic)


Other interesting athletes who won their respective divisions, according the age, were as follows:


Bikini: Chanel Erwee (South Africa)
Bodybuilding: Elbey Chamseddine (Belgium)
Classic BB: Devin Stewart (South Africa)
Men´s Physique: Abdel Al Qusai (Jordan)


Bikini: Elsa Pena (Portugal)
Bodybuilding: Ahmad Al-Jaafeen (Jordan)
Men´s Physique: Luis Cunha (Portugal)



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Arnold Classic toimub 22-26. september Barcelonas, Hispaanias. Täna tegin ära ülesandmise ja lisan listi info põhjal, mis minuni on läbi klubide kordinaatorite jõudnud. Juhul kui keegi avastab ,et ta nimi ei kajastu seal või on järel vale kategooria, siis palun andke mulle sellest teada asap!



2016 AC Estonian Entry form.doc

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Võisteljatele oluline info registreerimismaksu tasumiseks!


, 2016
The weigh-in and registration will be conducted on Thursday 22
. An IFBB Registration Fee of EUR 150,00
(euros) has to be paid in advance online through credit/debit card or PayPal at
for your best comfort and convenience.
Please add your name during online payment and bring a copy of your payment confirmation to the registration.
Registrations payments made after September 14
, or at the registration day will be 200,00 (euros).
Registration and weight in will take place at the Fira of Barcelona next hall number 2. Address: Carrer Botanica,
08038 Barcelona, east access.

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Tomáš Tabačiar one week out //


Finland's BB athlete Kille Kujala update before the show time //



Swedish bikini competitor Rorika Bodrug heading to this show as well //


And so does Catharina Wahl //


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Meie meesportlased Ott Kiivikas ja Kaspar Tõnisson koos kaasaga on jõudnud Müncheni lennujaama. Oti sõnul oli ta kodust välja astudes 88kg. See tähendab seda, et päeva jooksul on vaja veel 3kg alla võtta. 



Lisaks on Tallinna lennujaamas sellised pakkumised ;) Hea reisi peale kaasa haarata!


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Kel huvi, sel võimalus ka LIVE ülekannet vaadata siit.


Eesti võistlejad

Õnnela Raudsepp - Bikiinifitness-166cm/masters TÜ ASK

Jaanika Jelagina - Bikiinifitness -166cm My Fitness

Andra Vagur - Bikiinifitness -169cm Arigato Spordiklubi

Reet Reimets - Bikiinifitness -169cm TÜASK

Kristina Nuut - Bikiinifitness - 172cm Sparta spordiklubi

Cärolin Paas - Bikiinifitness -172cm SPA&Sport

Riina Rõõm - Bikiinifitness -172cm TÜASK

Jekaterina Kern - Bikiinifitness +172cm Arctic Sport Club Tallinn

Kaspar Tõnisson - Men's Physique +178cm Sparta spordiklubi

Ott Kiivikas - Kulturism -85 kg Reval - Sport

Aleksandra Laer - Fitmodel +172cm My Fitness

Edited by Reinart

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