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AC AMATEUR tour 2016- Ott HÕBE, Aleksandra neljas, Jaanika viies

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AC events including amateur shows is expanding this year to the new territories. Here is the AC amateur tour schedule for the 2016:

3th - 6th March: Columbus, Ohio INSPECTION REPORT CLICK!
18th - 20th March: Melbourne, Australia INSPECTION REPORT CLICK!
1st - 3rd April: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
27th - 29th May: South Africa
19th - 21st August: Hong Kong

22th - 29th September: Barcelona, Spain

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Photos from the Czech qualification for the Arnold AM USA // http://kulturistika.ronnie.cz/c-23895-nominacni-sraz-zavodniku-na-arnold-classic-amateur-2016.html

  • Martin Dajč - BB up to 85 kg
  • Jiří Kováč - CBB -180 cm
  • Jan Toušek - CBB + 180 cm
  • Michal Kulštejn - men's physique
  • Marek Hurník - men's physique

Kulaev update //

Vullioud 6 weeks out //

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AC AM Brazil inspection report is now online as well at http://www.ifbb.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/2016-arnold-classic-brazil-ir-1.pdf

And also IFBB inspection report for the South african version of Arnold Classic has been added on IFBB.com // http://www.ifbb.com/pdf/2016/arnold_africa/Arnold_Classic_africa_Inspection_Report.pdf

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NOTE! Competitor lists for Arnold AM US will be published on 19th of February.
And some of the latest athlete updates...

Tony Searle at 14th of February //

Regan Crimes trains legs 18 days out //

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And this should be Antionio Furic's 1,5 weeks out shot //

Nicolas Vullioud's glut area today //

Regan Grimes training 14 days out //

And Troudi today //

Danish Peter Lagermand heading to the AC Ohio as well, latest of him //

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A very well known name in the Scandinavian scene, Samir Troudi, 3 days before the show time //

Vullioud updates from Columbus: "

Hi guys, weigh in time this morning. Here is a picture of my legs. Without eating, drinking anything. Need to keep the lighted weight I can before eating. It will be hard but it's a part of the game.
What do you think about my legs condition at 48 hours of the contest ?


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The amateur part in Ohio starts today with

Amateur Women’s Physique
Masters Bodyfitness (Figure)
Masters Bikini
Fitness Routine Round
Open Bodyfitness (Figure)
Open Bikini
Fitness Physique Round
Masters Bodyfitness (Figure) Awards
Masters Bikini Awards

Tentative running order for whole weekend has been published at http://www.ifbb.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/2016-ACA-Running-order.pdf

Nicolas Vullioud interview + posing from yday's weigh in //http://clips.team-andro.com/watch/321b3e4476f9af5fbe16/nicolas-quadzilla-vullioud-interview-posing-arnold-sports-festival-2016

Iceland's amateur team, video log from the AC trip part 3 //

Regan Grimes , 3 day to go //

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Lots of happened yday at the amateur stage, still no results published though. But let's see ...

Classic bodybuilding


CBB over all


CBB over all comparison gallery http://www.eastlabs.sk/fotogaleria/2016-arnold-sports-festival-columbus-usa/2016-aca-classic-bodybuilding-overall

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