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Pro contests, results, photos, news etc. 2015 - Egle San Marino Pro võitja!

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Toronto pro show photos are now up on NPCnewsonline.com as well, see them at http://contests.npcnewsonline.com/contests/2015/ifbb_toronto_pro_supershow/.
Winners of MP and WPD divisions Maurice Arthur and CeaAnna Kerr:

Brandon Curry's post win interview by MD:

Heath's guest posing photos from the NPC Atlantic States // http://npcnewsonline.com/2015-npc-atlantic-states-championships-phil-heath-guest-posing/194215/

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Europa Dallas photos and results at http://musculardevelopment.com/contests/events/1897-ifbb-europa-supershow-2015#.VYb6JEauf4w
Men's BB open class winner and olympia qualification, Fred Smalls:
Williams (3.) - Gairy (2.) - Smalls (1.) - Ntiforo (4.)





BB - 212 winner and -212 show down qualification - Kyungwon Kang:
Tricky Jackson (3.) - Sami Al Haddad (2.) - Kyungwon Kang (1.) - Graig Richardson (4.)





MD wrap up //

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Europa Dallas // Pro figure winner and Figure Olympia qualification: Andrea Calhoun
Rachelle Carter (4.) - Chaya Boone (3.) - Andrea Calhoun (1) - Tina Nguyen (2.)






And Michael Ferguson wins Men's physique class...(no comparison photos available yet)

And Yasha takes top honors in WPD...(which I do not understand, bodybuilder look!?!)

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And photos & results from the IFBB Greater Gulf States which was also held during this weekend // http://contests.npcnewsonline.com/contests/2015/ifbb_greater_gulf_states/
Bikini TOP 3 (from the left) Angela Marquez (1.) - Sarah LeBlanc (2.) - Brittany Taylor (3.)

MP TOP 3 (from the left): Ryan Hinton (1.) - Eric Heidelberg (2.) - Charles Chester (3.)

WPD TOP 3 (from the left): Danielle Reardon (1.) - Venus Nguyen (2.) - Jill Dearmin (3.)

The winner of each class qualified to the 2015 Olympia.

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And some other updates from the IFBB pro league:
> The O weekend is getting closer, current lists of standings on qualification point system + qualified athletes is now updated and can be found at http://npcnewsonline.com/2015-olympia-qualification-series-standings-update-24/197470/

Antoine Vaillant recent update vid:

Milan Sadek shares a work out vid on his way to his pro debut // http://www.amix-nutrition.cz/novinky/milan-sadek-amixlog-volume-1.html

Justin Compton guest posed at NPC Greater Gulf show during the weeked:

22128_1.jpg 22128_2.jpg

Pro league contest season continues already on Saturday with IFBB San Jose Championships. For more information with the competitor lists please visit http://www.ifbbpro.com/events/2015-san-jose-championships/


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And during this weekend pro athletes compete at Chicago pro: already yesterday FBB, pro figure and -212 BB competitors competed at the finals and the results are following: (scorecards with all the placements and scores available at http://npcnewsonline.com/2015-ifbb-wings-of-strength-chicago-official-scores/199937/ ) No better photos online yet, these are taken from www.musculardevelopment.com forums.
Pro figure:
1. Cydney Gillon

2. Wendy Fortino

3. Jessica Canty

4. Bojana Vasiljevic

5. Maggy Cambronero
From the left Vasiljevic (4.) - Martineau (6.) - Gillon (1.) - Fortino (2.) - Jessica Canty (3.) ......


1. Helle Trevino
2. Rita Bello
3. Virginia Sanchez
4. Isabelle Turell
5. Angela Rayburn
Fron the left: Turell (4.) - Sanchez (3) - Trevino (1.) - Bello (2.) - Rayburn (5.)



- 212
1. Graig Richardson

2. Tricky Jackson

3. Oliver Adzievski

4. Shelby Starnes

5. Michael Ergas
Graig Richardson (1.) - Tricky Jackson (2.) - Oliver Adzievski (3.)




Rest of the divisions will be up on stage today.

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And the day 2 results from the Chicago show // all the placements with scores http://www.ifbbpro.com/results/2015-wings-of-strength-chicago-pro-scorecards/ (no photos available yet, these from www.musculardevelopment.com forums)
1. Fiona Harris
2. Kristine Duba
3. Marta Aguiar

4. Danielle Shikeles

5. Y. Terragni

From the left: Siemer (6.) - Duba (2.) - Harris (1.) - Aguiar (3.) - D Shikeles (4.)


1. Kira Neuman
2. Sheronica Henton

3. Mindi O'Brien
4. Kristina Dybdahl

5. Mikaila Soto
From the left: Soto (5.) - O'Brien (3.) - Neuman (1.) - Henton (2.) - Dybdahl (4.)...


Men's BB open:
1. Jonathan Delarosa (nr. 1)
2. M Lockett (nr. 8)

3. Akim Williams (nr. 11)

4. Kevin Jordan (nr. 7)

5. Redaldo Gairy (nr 5.)
The first call out:




TOP 2 comparison; Lockett vs. Delarosa:





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"IFBB Pros Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson train shoulders with NPC Super-heavyweight Matt Lehr at Destination Dallas. Branch & Johnnie are both looking to qualify for the Olympia at their respective contests. Branch is prepping for the Atlantic City Europa and Johnnie the Wings of Strength in San Antonio."

DLB trains legs (7th of July, starts at 6:52) on her way to WPD Olympia:

Anton Antipov 12 weeks out from the MP O:

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IFBB multi champion Alla Semenova turns pro and according to the Eastlabs, is making her pro bikini debut in the end of July at Vancouver Pro.


The pro contest season continues during the upcoming weekend at IFBB Prestige Crystal Cup Pro (MP, bikini, WPD)

and at the LA Championships (pro figure). See the competitor lists in the links given above.

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Slovakian Adela Ondrejovicova made her pro debut at Brittish GP after earning her pro card at last year's Nicole Wilkins Championships, won the show and qualified to the Figure Olympia. Here latest of her (video with work out):

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Stefan Havlik // 1 week out:

Defending Champ // chest work out 11 weeks out from the O:

The winners from this weekend pro shows:

Diogo Ferreira Montenergo (MP, Prestige Crystal Cup)
Adriana Hill (Bikini, Prestige Crystal Cup)
Kira Neuman (WPD, Prestige Crystal Cup)
Karina Grau (Figure, LA Championships)
No photos available unfortunately.

Bikini individual posings from the P Crystal Cup:

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Team Scitec’s Shawn Rhoden has gained some serious additional mass during his off-season. Now he is in full contest prep mode and we can expect him to step on stage in his trademarked super shredded condition at the 2015 Mr. Oympia. Check out how he trained legs in Budapest – 12 weeks out from the Olympia Weekend.

Marian Cambal heading to the -212 showdown [gym posing 1:31]:

Justin Compton recently interviewed about his next season plans:

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Wolfie update 12 weeks out:

And Branch & JOJ video series continues, both guys 5-6 weeks til the next show:

Anyway, Canadian pro show to be held during today, Shawn Ray giving a short short preview on MD:

Familiar from the European amateur scenes, Stefan Havlik, 4 days out from the Vancouver show:

Al Auguste, Jon Delarosa, Shaun Clarida etc. updates at yday's Muscle in the morning episode:

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Fouad Abiad wins men's open class at Vancouver show and Shaun Clarida takes top honors in -212 class. For the complete scores and placements, please visit http://npcnewsonline.com/2015-ifbb-vancouver-pro-official-score-cards/209444/ , and for more photos http://musculardevelopment.com/contests/events/1904-vancouver-pro-2015#.VbUDdvlQ34w
TOP 5 // men's open BB
1. Fouad Abiad
2. Jon Delarosa
3. Renaldo Gairy
4. Stefan Havlik
5. Paola Almeida
Gairy (3.) - Abiad (1.) - Delarosa (2.) - Havlik (4.)








TOP 5 // -212
1. Shaun Clarida
2. Derik Farnsworth
3. Patrick Bernard
4. Mike Lynds
5. John Meadows
Clardida (1.) vs. Farnsworth (2.)




The rest of the finals are scheduled for today.

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William Bonac gives an update of his Olympia prep:

Rhoden's video update from Hungary 12 weeks before the O:

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And the winners of rest of the divisions:
Fitness: Tanji Johnson
Bikini: Alla Semenova
Figure: Candice John
Men Physique: Eren Legend

Alla Semenova continues that winning mode she got used to as an amateur, wins her pro debut and qualifies to the 2015 bikini Olympia. Not really fan of the way she does her front pose, but bod is killing and She is GOOD.

Complete results with scores at http://npcnewsonline.com/2015-ifbb-vancouver-pro-official-score-cards/209444/

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Dallas McCarver training arms 13 weeks out // Olympia:

A new pro show coming to Europe in 2016, Kevin Levrone Classic to be held in Poland:
"The Levrone Pro Classic is the first IFBB Pro professional bodybuilding competition organized in Poland. This is a sporting event, signed by Kevin Levrone, the world bodybuilding legend, and will be held during the biggest event in the fitness industry in Poland – the Fit Festival. Simultaneously with the competitions, bodybuilding stars of the famous Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic competitions will be appearing on stage. And the $60,000 prize pool will guarantee an amazing competition! You have to be there!"

-212 guy Charles Dixon heading to fall season: "7 weeks out and sitting at 225 lbs.. Looking forward for his guest posing this weekend in Knoxville to give a sneak peak of all the work that has been placed since St Louis Pro."

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Tampa pro show is around the corner. See the next weekend's competitor lists at http://www.ifbbpro.com/events/2015-wings-of-strength-tampa/
Interesting to see Al Auguste coming back after 2 years' pause...

MP athlete Tory Woodward is apparently doing the show even if his name is not on the list yet, 6 days out:

Talking about MP athletes .... Mark Anthony is heading to the Olympia and shares a recent photo update:

And another O contender, Dallas McCarver deadlifts 7 weeks out//

More of McCarver's O prep can be followed at his YT-channel:

-212 showdown contender Kevin English gives a reminder of his existence by sharing a 7 weeks out shot in his instagram:

Brandon Curry guest posed last weekend - 8 weeks out from the O - at the NPC Rocket City Classic:

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2014 NPC Usa champ Nick Trigili is jumping to the pro circus at atlantic city pro, 1st part of Musclemeds video series following Nick to his pro debut is now online:

And this should be Vic 8 weeks out from the O, hmmm?

And even more of McCarver updates, video from yday:

Shanique Grant 4 days out from the Tampa figure show!

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