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THE Olympia weekend 2013

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Ronnie's Top 6 Shawn Rhoden


Shawn has the ability to come in very well-conditioned. Couple that with his ridiculous wheels and you can see why he has one of the best shapes on stage today. Where Shawn lacked was in size and density, particularly in his upper torso and back.He has definitely made improvements lately, but we'll have to wait until show time before he can show us if they were enough.

Phil Heath


Phil is the champ right now, and he wants to keep the crown. He has several insane body parts, always nails his conditioning, and presents great separation and thickness. However, Phil is limited by his structure. At this point, it may be maxed out. The big question is: How much more can Phil improve?

Kai Greene


Kai pushed Phil to the limit last year and made it a closer race than Phil wanted. Kai has freaky parts and carries a ridiculous amount of muscle for his frame. If he wants to dethrone Phil, he needs to have improved his back thickness and also bring his best conditioning.

Jay Cutler


Jay is making a comeback for the title yet again. I have to admit, like most, I was pretty skeptical he would even make it to the show. Father Time and injuries are tough adversaries. But now that show time has come, and given that he's already won four times, I have to put him in the top six.If Jay can retain or come close to his top form, he can certainly make a push to the top of this list.

Dexter Jackson


Mr. Consistency. Dexter is a former Mr. O and seems to be getting better with age. But Dexter's ability to bring a near-perfect package year after year is also a curse. Let's face it: you always get compared to the year before at some point. If you look the same as last year, even if last year was great, it can hurt you.Dexter also loses the battle in size, but makes up for it with conditioning and symmetry. If he comes in razor-blade sharp like his nickname describes, he won't be taken lightly.

Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay


This guy has been getting a lot of hype since this year's New York Pro, and rightfully so. He's a beast. However, he has yet to stand next to the world's best.

He's got the size, but can he bring the necessary level of conditioning to stand up against the veterans and shock the world? That's a question Ramy will have to answer on stage.

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Leidsin bodybuilding.comi foorumist päris haige GIFi, mida tuliseimad fännid nautida saavad seniks kuni tulemusi veel ei ole ja ootusäervus liiga suureks läheb. :D

Kui Gif ei mängi, siis klikkige sellele: avab Gifi uues aknas. LOL


Taustale võite mängima panna selle: :rolleyes:

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Guest Sügiskülv

1) Mamdouh Elssbiay

2) ​Dexter Jackson

3) Shawn Rhoden

4) Jay Cutler

5) Kai Greene

6) Phil Heath

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AnneP, am I right that if the Mr Olympia finals take place 7 PM on Saturday night, then the time difference makes it 5 AM on Sunday here in Estonia?

Yes, that is correct. The webcast will start both on Saturday and Sunday morning at 4.30 (in our time).

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Women's fitness, figure, bikini and Ms O prejudging is about to begin, no LIVE streaming from the prejudging rounds, but one can follow live play by plays on different forums, for example. .. MD.com.

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Fitness Olympia Prejudging // physique round

See the whole Fitness O prejudging at bodybuilding.com // http://streaming.bodybuilding.com/2013-olympia-webcast/index.html?videoName=friday-night-fitness-prejudging-replay (webcast replay)

In the first call out and the TOP in the physique round;

Trish Warren - Tanji Johnson - Adela Garcia - Bethany Gisternino - Myriam Capes







Apparently the physique round is between ...

Adela Garcia (going for 8th?)


Bethany Gisternino


Tanji Johnson


In the 2nd comparison; Whitney Jones - Michelle Blank - Ryall Vasani - Oksana Grishina



For more photos, please visit;





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Bikini Olympia prejudging

Stacey Alexander, Nathalia Melo, Ashley Kaltwasser, Yeshaira Robles, Amanda Latona and India Paulino were called out first, but Alexander, Kaltwasser and Robles were sent back so ...

The TOP 3, a bit surprisingly is ..

Aslhey Kaltwasser


Stacey Alexander


Yeshira Robles


No doubts Melo looked good and probably will end up in TOP 5. Also Latona in that group ..


More bikini prejudging photos available at ;




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Ms Figure Olympia prejudging

Based on the comparison, in TOP 4 are ;

Candice Keene - Erin Stern - Nicole Wilkins - Heather Dees





Nicole looks A LOT improved and will most likely take this!


Dees ..


Candice Keene


Erin .. unfortunatelly does not look as good as last year! Still love her physique though!


More figure prejudging photos available at ..





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