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IFBB junior & master's WC 2012: REPORT

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Video of Czech team's meet-up-day : http://tv.ronnie.cz/?v=2613&hq

Germany will have their qualification in upcoming weekend. Team-andro.com interviewed Steffen Gerhard 1 week out from the quali - http://clips.team-andro.com/watch/0a84b7fd7176f0323d0b/steffen-gerhard-interview-1-woche-vor-der-int.-deutschen-der-masters-wm-quali-2012

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IFBB previews the show and publishes the competitior lists - huge event coming up with 350 competitors and 50 nations!


by Andrew Michalak

I summarized the Final Entry Forms sent by National Federations and I couldn’t believe my eyes: 350 competitors! Exactly. Compared to 228 athletes last year and 207 in 2010 it is an amazing progress. From 50 countries! And what is especially good news: the number of juniors jumped to 142! Only one time in the IFBB history the number of juniors exceeded 100 (101 in 2007). In 2004 in Opava, Czech Republic, there were 149 athletes altogether: juniors and masters, from 30 countries. After 8 years we have more than double.

But there are more good news: first time in the IFBB history recent world children fitness champions will enter the juniors fitness division: Tatiana Kozuchova, Vanessa Lisziova, Aleksandra Zhilina, Kinga Úrkúti, Vlada Andrjuschenko. They deserve for our special attention and applause. IFBB has brought up her own fitness champions from the very beginning, from the roots.

The former historical record of participation in these Championships was established in… Budapest at the 2007 Juniors and Masters Worlds: 249 athletes: 101 juniors plus 148 masters. It seems that our IFBB athletes love Budapest regardless of their age and come here with great pleasure.

The host: Hungarian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, with its President Istvan Huber, effectively supported in the everyday work by Ms. Viola Varga, have done their best to make your stay in Budapest comfortable and they await for your arrival. International judges, with the Chairman of the IFBB Judges Committee Pawel Filleborn as a Head Judge, will have a lot of work but after the recent Arnold Classic Europe with nearly 700 competitors they have enough experience to run the Championships smoothly, I believe. And we, the IFBB Press Commission, will do our best to pass information to all of you as soon as possible.

The Championships will be run in the elimination – semifinal – final blocks. Only junior fitness and masters bodybuilding 40-49 athletes will have semifinals and finals in separate days.

The contest will take place in a very special place – Millenaris Park, an artistic complex of buildings constructed in the place of the former metallurgical factory (foundry). The “E-Building” is a theater where our Championships will be run. More detailed info at: http://www.geocachin...c3-a2725a15b7bd

The Danubius Hotel Arena is a 4-star hotel located near the sport centre of Budapest, the Puskas Ferenc Stadion (the public stadium) and the SYMA convention centre. It offers 379 guestrooms.

Guestrooms provide wireless Internet access (surcharge), direct-dial phones, and

in-room safes (accommodate laptops). Guestrooms feature refrigerators. Bathrooms offer hair dryers. Additional amenities include minibars, air conditioning, and desks. More info at: http://danubius-hotel-arena.h-rsv.com/


Junior Women’s Fitness up to 163 cm:

Kristina Koroljak Estonia

Evelina Tistelgren Finland

Tímea Harangozó Hungary

Melinda Szabó Hungary

Jessica Kalmár Hungary

Orsolya Szádvári Hungary

Alexandra Alekhanova Russia

Aleksandra Zhilina Russia

Alesia Vysotskaia Russia

Tatiana Kozuchova Slovakia

Vanessa Lisziova Slovakia

Anastasiia Koval Ukraine

Mariia Koval Ukraine

Alona Bezditna Ukraine

Who can seriously challenge women’s world champion Melinda Szabo? I think, nobody from this list. But the matter of silver medal is open: present European champion Kristina Koroljak? Former finalists: Alexandra Alekhanova or Alona Bezditna? They have the longest contest history among juniors.

Junior Women’s Fitness over 163 cm:

Ofelia Osan Romania

Kata Palásthy Hungary

Tünde Babtiszta Hungary

Kinga Úrkúti Hungary

Vlada Andrjuschenko Latvia

Justyna Jedlikowska Poland

Yulia Postika Russia

Kateryna Kalyta Ukraine

Olga Mogilnitska Ukraine

2010 world champion Yulia Postika is coming back. Older and matured. Main challengers: 2012 Europeans 3
place winner Olga Mogilnitska and 2011 Riga Children Fitness Cup winner Vlada Andrjuschenko.

Junior Men’s Fitness open class:

Hermann Rolon Paraguay

Bartlomiej Byjos Poland

Anghel Birica Romania

Mihaita Visan Romania

Stefan Virna Romania

Tomas Smrek Slovakia

Cem Azizoglu Turkey

2011 Junior Worlds top two: Anghel Birica and Hermann Rolon and 2010 Europeans 3
place winner Bartlomiej Byjos.

Junior Women’s Bodyfitness up to 163 cm:

Chelsea Mooney Canada

Jana Cernovska Czech Republic

Nikolett Ferencz Hungary

Bianka Bognár Hungary

Roxanne Lensveld Netherland

Marta Lendla Poland

Cristina Chirita Romania

Alena Podelko Russia

Tatiana Piackova Slovakia

Hazal Mert Turkey

Tetiana Davidenko Ukraine

Great duel of two-time world champion Jana Cernovska vs. always second Cristina Chirita. Maybe this time she will be more lucky? And a group of last year’s finalists: Tatiana Piackova, Alena Podelko, Tetiana Davidenko. For sure, all of them have made some progress…

Junior Women’s Bodyfitness over 163 cm:

Melissa Gaimer Germany

Barbara Budavári Hungary

Una Heimisdóttir Iceland

Ana Merdenova Lithuania

Evelina Nikitina Lithuania

Natalia Gacka Poland

Renata Szmutku Romania

Alexandra Olegas Romania

Aminat Tuleubaeva Russia

Victoria Yatsuk Russia

Silvia Hostakova Slovakia

The next great duel: 2010 Juniors Worlds runner-up Natalia Gacka vs. 2012 Women’s Worlds runner-up Aminat Tuleubaeva. The others: 2012 Europeans runner-up Renata Szmutku and 2011 Worlds 3
place winner Ana Merdenova.

Junior Women’s Bikini Fitness open class:

Maja Pavlakovic Croatia

Michaela Masslova Czech Republic

Eva Simkovicova Czech Republic

Suvi Iso-Kuusela Finland

France Bignon France

Anne Hartlaub Germany

Dia Salamon Hungary

Anett Szigethy Hungary

Zsanett Kecskés Hungary

Elva Bergpórsdóttir Iceland

Jekaterina Lasunska Latvia

Agné Raulinaityté Lithuania

Christina Fjaere Norway

Julie Firing Norway

Paula Lewczuk Poland

Tamara Orrego Paraguay

Stefania Bia Romania

Denisa Hargasova Slovakia

Sabina Plevakova Slovakia

Alex Westhuizen South Africa

Jenna Lithgow South Africa

Gizem Davanci Turkey

Merve Rencberliler Turkey

Seda Temetta Turkey

Eleonora Alibayeva Ukraine

Beatrysa Lazorka Ukraine

What a great line-up! Sensational 2012 Women’s Worlds runner-up Stefania Bia vs. 2012 European Juniors runner-up Elva Bergpórsdóttir, with 2012 European Juniors finalist Suvi Iso-Kuusela just behind them. But who knows? So many new names…

Junior Women’s Bodybuilding open class:

Sana Muslic Bosnia-Herzegovina

Ludmila Sircova Czech Republic

Patrícia Babtiszta Hungary

Dóra Lenger Hungary

Mihaela Serban Romania

Corina Visan Romania

The present European junior champion and Worlds runner-up Mihaela Serban seems to be “untouchable” favourite. Will any of the new faces be able to “touch” her?

Junior Men’s Bodybuilding up to 75 kg:

Karim Abdel Monem Egypt

Mohamed Abdel Azim Egypt

Ismail Khaled Masoud Egypt

Yousry Abdalla Egypt

Ádám Vas Hungary

Zsolt Takács Hungary

Daniel Sticco Italy

Rafal Ilnicki Poland

Andrei Ivan Romania

Norbert Zajac Slovakia

Maluleke Bhekumzi South Africa

Benharn Namdari Sweden

Ufuk Demirpence Turkey

Oleksandr Kostenko Ukraine

2010 world champion Ismail Khaled Masoud and a 2010 world classic bodybuilding champion Karim Abdel Magid. Who can challenge them? Maybe some new, very gifted young bodybuilder. We will see.

Junior Men’s Bodybuilding over 75 kg:

Federico Gonzalez Argentina

Kiryl Tamboutsau Belarus

Atanas Dimitrov Bulgaria

Ahmed El Shaarawy Egypt

Ahmed El Marhoumy Egypt

Mahmoud El Zayat Egypt

Timo Oertel Germany

Dániel Kenéz Hungary

Árpád Balassa Hungary

Roberto Ficetola Italy

Emil Kalenski Poland

Nikalai Paramonau Russia

Vladimir Holota Slovakia

Luis Bessinger South Africa

Ferhat Magan Turkey

Ersin Ulusoy Turkey

Mykhailo Itchenko Ukraine

Serhii Panchuk Ukraine

Yaroslav Khnykov Ukraine

2012 European junior champion Atanas Dimitrov, 2010 European junior champion Mykhailo Itchenko, 2011 Junior Worlds runner-up Federico Gonzalez, 2010 Junior Worlds 3
place winner Luis Bessinger, with other finalists: Emil Kalenski and Roberto Ficetola. This will be a tough battle!

Junior Men’s Classic Bodybuilding open class:

Kristian Pavlov Bulgaria

Daniel Crnoja Croatia

Tomas Horak Czech Republic

Patr Galivoda Czech Republic

Daniel Pinanjota Ecuador

Adel Meabed Egypt

Viktor Ádám Hungary

Zsolt Vas Hungary

Nándor Fischer Hungary

Hiroki Takeuchi Japan

Marius Megelaitis Lithuania

Jakub Szczerba Poland

Ionut Grigoras Romania

Martin Orolin Slovakia

Hasan Gul Turkey

Baris Kurakdal Turkey

Ahmed Sakarga Turkey

Andrii Khomytskyi Ukraine

Viacheslav Fedorenko Ukraine

Almost 20 competitors an almost all new. Daniel Crnoja and Tomas Horak advanced to the finals of the previous championships. Will it be enough to win this time?

Junior Men’s Athletic Physique open class:

Robin Balogh Hungary

Frigyes Schneider Hungary

Ádám Szakál Hungary

Andrei Ifrim Romania

Razvan Olariu Romania

Cahit Gelener Turkey

This will be an inauguration of this category at the IFBB junior championships, so wait and look what will happen. But Robin Balogh placed 2
at the recent Arnold Europe in over 178 cm category.

Master Women’s Bodyfitness 35-44 years old open class:

Christine Schranz Austria

Sandra Grgec Croatia

Maryla Kubiena Czech Republic

Celine Godefroy France

Matina Theodorou Germany

Marina Thies Germany

Monica Alvarez Germany

Andrea Farkas Hungary

Paula Iványi Hungary

Lívia Bulyáki Hungary

Giusy Raffone Italy

Ginevra Auletta Italy

Neli Khodor Lebanon

Margarita Charaim Lithuania

Jorun Steine Norway

Linda Antonsen Norway

Anniken Froyslie Norway

Janne Krohn Norway

Beata Yaro-Koniecka Poland

Marzena Kamrowska-Berlik Poland

Katarzyna Kozakiewicz-Kowalik Poland

Anna Aleksashina Russia

Tatiana Ershova Russia

Elena Kizima Russia

Marina Ryabukhina Russia

Cindy Marshall South Africa

Emilia Perez Spain

Veronica Gallego Spain

Yolanda Fornandez Spain

Maria Mas Spain

Roberta Raguth Switzerland

Simone Schneiter Switzerland

Tetyana Mikheychyk Ukraine

Maria Scotland United-Kingdom

The longest line-up in the history of this category at the IFBB international championships. And many famous champions: 2009 Women’s World champion Katarzyna Kozakiewicz-Kowalik, 2011 Arnold Europe winner Christine Schranz, 2012 European champion Margarita Charaim, 2011 Worlds runner-up and 2012 European runner-up Emi Perez, 2012 IFBB World Cup winner Tetyana Mikheychyk, 2012 Arnold Europe runner-up Maria Scotland. What a fantastic line-up!

Master Women’s Bodyfitness over 45 years old open class:

Maria Hermans Belgium

Yordanka Bahchevanova Bulgaria

Zdena Gottvaldova Czech Republic

Esta Pilt Estonia

Merike Sula Estonia

Brigitte Subrin France

Kristin Kristjánsdóttir Iceland

Linda Jónsdóttir Iceland

Giuditta Magazzino Italy

Nina Mukhortova Russia

Maria Eriksson Sweden

Carina Isaksson Sweden

Kamer Piersens Turkey

The first European champion in this new category: Kristin Kristjánsdóttir and the next two medal winners: Linda Jónsdóttir and Giuditta Magazzino as well as 2012 Arnold Europe winner Brigitte Subrin, 2008 Worlds runner-up Carina Isaksson and 2012 European Athletic Fitness runner-up Esta Pilt. Other well-known finalists: Zdena Gottvaldova and Nina Mukhortova.

Master Women’s Bodybuilding open class:

Gerbel Mikk Belgium

Jana Bendova Czech Republic

Monika Slosrova Czech Republic

Lotte Bendix Denmark

Coralie Marchisio France

Christine Brings Germany

Claudia Lambertus Germany

Eszter Berkes Hungary

Csilla Csabay Hungary

Silvia Matta Italy

Paola Boschero Italy

Elena Stasiukyniené Lithuania

Marina Nikotina Russia

Larisa Denisova Russia

Xyleese Burford United-Kingdom

Almost all of them are well-known bodybuilders but the most famous are: 2011 world champion Elena Stasiukyniené, regular medal winner Marina Nikotina and the present Women’s Worlds runner-up Silvia Matta.

Master Men’s Bodybuilding 40-49 years old, up to 70 kg:

Mario Lalicata Belgium

Sebastian Natiez France

László Gulyás Hungary

Carlo Capucci Italy

Sandro Brocca Italy

Filippo Masucci Italy

Mauro Ranieri Italy

Asuncion Alcocer Mexico

Vitaly Egorov Russia

Ismail Yildizel Turkey

Present European champion Sebastian Natiez against the strong team of Italy: 2009 European champion Carlo Capucci, 2012 Arnold America finalist Filippo Masucci and 2011 Amateur Olympia 3
place winner Mauro Ranieri. Plus 2012 European Masters 3
place winner Mario Lalicata.

Master Men’s Bodybuilding 40-49 years old, up to 80 kg:

Luiz Sarmento Brazil

Gilberto Feitosa Brazil

Jean Mega France

Carlos Cervantes Germany

Francesco D'Angelo Italy

Marco Parisi Italy

Francesco Coppola Italy

Danilo Barbi Italy

Leonardo Carballo Spain

Carlos Menendez Spain

Bahadir Dalbicak Turkey

Valerii Koptenko Ukraine

Sean Ferguson United-Kingdom

Stephen Graham United-Kingdom

Two very famous bodybuilders: 2008 world champion and 2012 Arnold Europe winner Luiz Sarmento and 2011 Arnold Europe winner and world champion Valerii Koptenko. Then 2009 world champion: Leonardo Carballo and European champions: Stephen Graham (2010) and Carlos Cervantes (2012) as well as 2012 runner-up Carlos Menendez. Jean Mega and Francesco Coppola had “old” medals in their collections, dated 2005.

Master Men’s Bodybuilding 40-49 years old, up to 90 kg:

Mahammad Pashayi Azerbaijan

Timo Blomqvist Finland

Steffen Gerhard Germany

Achim Weitz Germany

Stefan Hammerschmied Germany

Martin Schulz Germany

Miklós Tenta Hungary

Franco Di Bella Italy

Andrea Parronchi Italy

Alexei Ganjea Moldova

Jakub Potocki Poland

Sorin Fritea Romania

Sergey Kozin Russia

Mikhail Iusev Russia

Pedro Villa Spain

Bernardo Busquets Spain

Juan Martin Spain

Sedak Bekdemir Turkey

Yusuf Evyurt Turkey

Sergiy Chernyak Ukraine

José Cermeno Venezuela

Present Men’s Worlds runner-up Mahammad Pashayi and 3
place winner Sedak Bekdemir, 2011 Arnold Europe winner Pedro Villa, 2011 European Masters overall winner Jakub Potocki, 2012 Arnold Europe winner José Cermeno. Beautiful constellation of stars and impossible to predict the places.

Master Men’s Bodybuilding 40-49 years old, over 90 kg:

Viacheslau Kuprash Belarus

Ilario Rongioletti Germany

György Gödény Hungary

Constantino Galeazzo Italy

Enrico Frisinghelli Italy

Arvydas Mickus Lithuania

Frank Hansen Norway

Andrzej Maszewski Poland

Ramon Gonzalez Spain

Alfredo Fernandez Spain

Gilbert Beautier Switzerland

Hamdullah Aykutlu Turkey

Cihat Kara Turkey

William Ortuno Venezuela

Uff! Many famous names: former world men’s multi champion and 2010 Masters Worlds overall winner Hamdullah Aykutlu, 2012 European champion Andrzej Maszewski, 2002 world men’s champion Ramon Gonzalez, 2012 Arnold Europe runner-up Arvydas Mickus, 2011 world masters champion William Ortuno. So many world champions and everyone can win.

Master Men’s Bodybuilding 50-59 years old, up to 80 kg:

Zoran Tokic Croatia

Milos Pavlu Czech Republic

Cecil Teran Ecuador

Ali Ata Egypt

Philippe Eichler France

Werner Zenk Germany

Karl-Heinz Tiegel Germany

John Carroll Ireland

Fumiyoshi Namba Japan

José Camacho Rebolo Portugal

Marin Ion Romania

Rafael Arana Spain

Zeki Zeka Turkey

2012 European champion Rafael Arana, 2008 world champion José Camacho Rebolo, 2010 European masters champion Werner Zenk, 2009 bronze medal winner Karl-Heinz Tiegel, 2011 Europeans silver medal winner Zeki Zeka and returning to the IFBB after 9 years “divorce” Milos Pavlu.

Master Men’s Bodybuilding 50-59 years old, over 80 kg:

Sandel Mindruta Romania

Marijo Bozic Croatia

Jaroslav Kejr Czech Republic

Rashad El Hamshi Egypt

Thomas Scheu Germany

Manfred Arit Germany

Antonio Vergiani Italy

Livio Manganelli Italy

Marek Kolecki Poland

Stanislav Shakh-Nazarov Russia

Inigo Ortiz Spain

David Lamptey United-Kingdom

Three-time world men’s champion and 2010 world master champion Thomas Scheu, 2011 European masters champion Antonio Vergiani, 2010 European masters champion Inigo Ortiz, and bronze medal winners: David Lamptey and Stanislav Shakh-Nazarov.

Master Men’s Bodybuilding 60-65 years old, open class:

Jacques Secke Belgium

Miroslav Mraz Czech Republic

Milan Bodlak Czech Republic

Bernhard Klemm Germany

Luciano Andreose Italy

Toyoharu Takagishi Japan

Tiburcio Arias Mexico

Jan Olejko Poland

Vasile Serban Romania

Cristian Mihailescu Romania

Alexander Yashankin Russia

Leif Renling Sweden

Baki Koseahmetoglu Turkey

Master bodybuilding legend and three-time world champion Alexander Yashankin. Then former top European bodybuilder Cristian Mihailescu, 2012 European champion Milan Bodlak and runner-up Baki Koseahmetoglu. Other medal winners: Luciano Andreose and Vasile Serban. Tough battle can be expected.

Master Men’s Bodybuilding over 65 years old, open class:

Vladimir Dostal Czech Republic

Jiri Rohan Czech Republic

Bohumil Divilek Czech Republic

Esmat Sadek Egypt

Willi Neubauer Germany

Piotr Puchniarz Poland

Zbigniew Bartos Poland

Dion Friedland South Africa

Manuel Valbuena Spain

Rafael Vera Spain

Nico Lundholm Sweden

Bernard Cooper United-Kingdom

Three world champions from different years and the top three at the 2011 Worlds: Bernard Cooper, Manuel Valbuena, Rafael Vera, plus the next 2011 world champion (but in 60-65 years old division) Esmat Sadek, who now moved to this category. Recently Bernard Cooper was unbeatable. Will he continue his victory series?

Master Men’s Classic Bodybuilding 40-49 years old open class:

Zahi Amar Algeria

Steven Travers Australia

Kurt Strohmayer Austria

Plamen Hristov Bulgaria

Wilhelm Pascal France

Serge Rouze France

Michael Aprin Germany

Olaf Michaelis Germany

Sven Kellner Germany

Imre Nagy Hungary

Giuseppe Brancaccio Italy

Eddi Badoer Italy

John Large Norway

Bogdan Nowakowski Poland

Artur Sliczny Poland

Waldemar Godlewski Poland

Niko Golser Slovenia

Michael Du Buisson South Africa

Nelson Mthembu South Africa

Björn Albinsson Sweden

Twenty competitors but most them are new names at the world level. Only one European champion Giuseppe Brancaccio (2011) and three medal winners: Kurt Strohmayer, Michael Aprin and Wilhelm Pascal.

Master Men’s Classic Bodybuilding over 50 years old open class:

Alois Rettenwender Austria

Michal Sidik Czech Republic

Ladislav Sroubek Czech Republic

Joachim Grassel Germany

James Cassidy Ireland

Atsushi Katakawa Japan

Ove Bekkevold Norway

Arnfinn Benterud Norway

Mieczyslaw Nowacki Poland

Marek Dabrowski Poland

Peter Rudling Sweden

Top two from the last year’s Worlds: Atsushi Katakawa and Michal Sidik plus top two form the latest European Championships: Joachim Grassel and James Cassidy. Maybe, coming back after almost 10-year break Mieczyslaw Nowacki will be a dark horse?

Wheelchair Bodybuilding open class:

Cenes Vásquez Peru

Sham Singh India

Padekar Narayan India

Dawoodani Nizarali India

Mohammad Tabrizi Iran

Tolga Murat Balikci Turkey

All four athletes from the last year’s Championships plus new bodybuilders from Peru and India (Dawoodani Nizarali). Sham Singh will be defending his last year’s title while Tolga Murat will try to regain the title won in 2010. Mohammad Tabrizi took the 2
place last year but this time will aspire to the world title as well. Not so many athletes but extremely high level and exciting battle.


Hungarian Federation President Istvan Huber (right) with the IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja.

Poster of the event.



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Estal ja Merikesel ka nimekad vastased, kuid eks kohapeal paistab mis seal toimub. Nooremas vanuserühmas on 34 võistlejat....Krissukal on muidugi kategoorias Absoluutne maailmameister Zabo, kuid usun ,et ülejäänud kohtadele on võimalus ilusasti võistelda ja kehavoorus ei näe ma ka miks peaks Zabo parem olema, kuid tal on ka alati parim vabakava olnud - eks näis, igal juhul on põhjust kaks päeva olla arvutitaga, et uudiseid saada ja ehk üllatab keegi meie võistlejatest ka MM medaliga...Loodame parimat.

Paneks ennustusvõistluse ka käima, teada on võistlejate listid ja seda, et Krissul oli seal 14 ja Estal ja Merikesel ka 14 võistlejat kokku. Seega pakkuge meie sportlaste kohti lõpp protkollis ja jagame välja 1000 fitti õigesti vastanute vahel. Ennustus läheb lukku laupäeva 16.dets. hommikul kell 9.00 kui eeldatavasti algab eelvõistlus.

Head ennustamist!

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