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IFBB Fitness European Championships 2012: tulemused, pildid, kommentaarid

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ega eraldi ei leia, sest ega registreerimisel nagu tead ei saa aru kes kus maalt on ja minegeid nimekirju maade kaupa ka välja ei panda tavaliselt, seega ma ei saa sind hetkel aidata.

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IFBB report after the registration..



by Andrew Michalak

The next IFBB record has been broken: first time in history the barrier of 30 countries participating in the European Women’s Championships has been broken: exactly 30 countries sent their national teams to this year’s Championships. The next interesting news: the new sport - athletic fitness will debut in the IFBB at these Championships. There are two men’s categories and one women’s category. Altogether, 167 athletes have been registered, what is also a new record of participation. The most overcrowded categories are: women’s bikini fitness (21 athletes) and women’s bodyfitness over 168 cm (17 athletes). IFBB policy to promote women’s fitness has also been visible: the number of athletes have been raised over 20 this time, compared to 13 in 2011 and 16 in 2010.

The biggest stars?

Women’s fitness up to 163 cm: world champion Melinda Szabo, medal winners: Dominika Multanova, Olga Volokh and world junior champion Laura Cupsa.

Women’s fitness over 163 cm: world champion Natalia Chukaeva, European champion Natalia Nazarenko-Kiivikas, former world junior champion Oksana Orobets.

Men’s fitness: world champion Oleg Anissimov.

Women’s bodybuilding up to 55 kg: world championships runner-up Ludmila Tuboltseva. .

Women’s bodybuilding over 55 kg: world championships runner-up Olga Puzanova.

Women’s bodyfitness up to 163 cm: world champion Zrinka Fiser.

Women’s bodyfitness up to 168 cm: world champion Eakterina Gamagina, worlds runner-up Daniela Pfeiffer, worlds finalists Adela Ondrejovicova.

Women’s bodyfitness over 168 cm: world overall champion Yulia Ushakova.

Women’s athletic fitness: winner from Tallinn Esta Pilt, incredibly strong Helena Forsen (59 dips), former world bodybuilding champion Alina Cepurnienie.

Men’s athletic fitness: winner from Tallinn, Loaded Cup and many other Nordic contests: Ako Rahim.

In photos..

Photo 1: IFBB Office registration: Alexandr Timoshenko and Olga Puzanova

Photo 2: Ukrainian Team manager Iryna Delieva

Photo 3: Former world bodybuilding champion and Tyumen’s “Antey Gym” manager Natalia Proskuryakova

Photo 4: Former world fitness champion Iveta Statsenko with Alexandr Timoshenko

Photo 5: Hungarian Team with its President Istvan Huber

Photo 6: Federation President Dr. Wolfgang Schober with his athlete

Photo 7: Latvian Federation President and IFBB international judge Christina Vedernikova (right) checking the competitor’s attire








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