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News from IFBB! - IFBB ELITE CIRCUIT to be launced!

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IFBB World Children fitness championships to be held this weekend, a short preview by IFBB at http://www.ifbb.com/2016/06/2016-ifbb-world-children-fitness-championships-novi-sad-serbia/


by Andrew Michalak
Next weekend, next contest. After the Olympia Amateur Spain recently held in Marbella, the next big IFBB international event: World Children Fitness Championships will be held in the upcoming weekend, June 18th-19th, in Novi Sad, Serbia.

This year’s Children Worlds is hosted, like the previous five editions, by the Serbian Federation. This is possible due to the personal activity of the Sipka family: former pro bodybuilding champion and weight training TV promoter Biserka Sipka, her husband Zoran and daughter Dr. Zorana Sipka, supported financially by the City Council and the Autonomous Province Vojvodina government. The great scene of the Serbian National Theater, with over 900 seats, will be the venue.

What may be a surprise, children are very stable in their sport passion, so many last years’ stars are coming to Serbia once again to fight for titles and medals.

Girls up to 7 years old: all top three from past year will compete in the next category, so there is a space for new champions.

Girls 8-9 years old: world champion Anna Melnikova (Russia) and bronze medal winner Dorka Göbölös-Szabó (Hungary) went to the next class, so this category will be dominated either by girls who placed out of the top 6 last year: Daniela Koreckova (Slovakia) and Szelina Vaczkó (Hungary) or by stars coming from the previous class: Uliana Tesova and Nika Andreeva (both of Russia) and Amira Toman (Hungary), or… by someone new!

Girls 10-11 years old: top two from last year: Nelli Novodomska and Katarina Blaskova (both of Slovakia) will compete in the next class, so the 3rd place winner Anastasiia Guskova (Russia) will have a chance to grasp the gold medal, fighting against last year’s champions from the younger class: Melnikova and Göbölös-Szabó.

Girls 12-13 years old: top two from last year: Tatiana Ondruskova (Slovaia) and Jimena Segura (Mexico) will meet once again fighting for the gold medal. But they will meet last year’ champions from younger class Nelli Novodomska and Katarina Blaskova. Novodomska won gold medals at four previous Championships! Will she continue this “gold series” this year?

Girls 14-15 years old: phenomenal Regina Benko (Hungary) will come to regain the title. She won all 6 previous Championships, starting from the youngest class, up to 7 years old! Amazing achievements! There will also be last year’s bronze medal winner Anna Oravecz (Hungary) and Anna Hepnerova (Slovakia) who also participated in all 6 previous Championships!

Boys up to 12 years: unbeatable champion Dobryinya Evtukhov (Russia) will compete in the next class but 2015 runner-up Damian Korecko (Slovakia) and 4th place winner Ivan Privalov (Russia) will be there fighting for the gold medal.

Boys 13-15 years: Last year champion Denis Ambrus (Slovakia) will have a very difficult task to regain the title in the presence of phenomenal Evtukhov. Also bronze medal winner Kazmeir Ali Riza (Turkey) and 4th place winner Dominik Jewiak (Poland) will be there ready to fight for the final victory.

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And the results from the world championships of children's fitness // http://www.ifbb.com/2016/06/2016-ifbb-world-children-fitnss-championships/

The 7th edition of this important event, where we can watch our future champions, was held in Novi Sad, Serbia, promoted for the 5th consecutive year by the Sipka family. It can be said that Novi Sad has become a world capital of Children Fitness! The number of countries was at the same level as in previous years – 11, but the number of competitors jumped to 128. The battle in each category was tough, with top children presenting an equal quality and skills.

The champions:
Girls 14-15 years old: Regina BENKO (Hungary).
Girls 12-13 years old: Nelli NOVODOMSKA (Slovakia).
Girls 10-11 years old:: Anna MIELNIKOVA (Ukraine).
Girls 8-9 years old: Dariia KORNIIENKO (Ukraine).
Girls up to 7 years old: Katarina KUZMOVA (Slovakia).
Boys up to 12 years old: Ivan PRIVALOV (Russia).
Boys 13-15 years old: Dobrynya EVTUKHOV (Russia).


Children 10

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More categories added for masters men's physique //

Good information for Master Men’s Physique competitors: IFBB decided to introduce more masters categories:

  • Master Men’s Physique 40-44 years old
  • Master Men’s Physique 45-49 years old
  • Master Men’s Physique over 50 years old

Men’s Physique growing popularity was a decisive factor in this case. Following 4 Men’s Physique categories IFBB introduced Junior Men’s Physique with 3 categories and now it’s time to develop the opposite side of this division: masters block.


This move creates the possibility to compete for wide group of masters competitors worldwide. These new categories will be inaugurated at the 2016 IFBB World Juniors and Masters Championships to be held in December in the Dominican Republic, so masters have enough time to prepare their peak conditions.



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Main decisions taken by the EBFF Executive Council meeting in Venice(to be implemented at European/World Championships)


-Bodybuilding classes go down to 7: up to 65 kg, 70kg, 75kg, up to 80kg to 90 kg, 100 kg ,100+ kg

-Men's Physique classes are :up to 170 cm, up  to 173 cm, up  to 176 cm, up  to 179 cm, up to 182 cm and over 182cm

-Bikini Fitness:up to 158 cm, up to 160 cm, up  to 162 cm, up to 164 cm, up to 166 cm, up to 169 cm, up to  172 cm and over 172cm

-Wellness fitness will be introduced at the European Championships with 2 classes which are  -163 cm and over 163 cm.



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