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  1. Is this Russian team? Sorry for translation of the names, done with google translator =)

    Ilja Nazin (-65 kg)

    Alex Becker (-75 kg)

    Alexander Eskin (-75 kg)

    Aleksei Denisov (-75 kg)

    Igor Losev (- 80 kg)

    Nikolai Chernetsky (-85 kg)

    Vladimir Timoshin (-85 kg)

    Dimitri Klimov (-90 kg)

    Vyacheslav Burenkov (-100 kg)

    Sergei Bazarov (-100 kg)

    Sergei Zebald (-100 kg)

    Paata Petriashvili (-100 kg)

    (Is this same Denisov//Denisenko who competed in CBB?)

    Ukrainan team ( http://fbbu.com.ua/node/150) - (sorry for translation of the names, done with google translator)

    1. Osadchy Denis (Donetsk) - 70kg

    2. Makogon Vyacheslav (Donetsk) - 75kg

    3. Koptenko Valeri (Kiova) - 75kg

    4. Brad Artem (Donetsk) - 80kg

    5. Lavrov, Oleg (Sebastopol) - 80kg

    6. Ges Sergey (Dnepropetrovsk) - 85kg

    7. Andrej Sharapov (Dnepropetrovsk) - 85kg

    8. Andrey Sychev (Donetsk) -90kg

    9. Slobodyanyuk Alexander (Kiova) -100kg

    10. Kukharchuk Andrew (Lviv) -100kg

    11. Kovalev Artur (Donetsk) +100 kg

    12. Bohdan Kravchenko (Dnepropetrovsk) + 100 kg

  2. Houston Pro Figure event was held this weekend. The show was the first qualifier for next year's Figure Olympia. The first tickets to 2011 Figure Olympia were given to TOP 3 athletes - the winner Courtney West, Runner-up Teresa Anthony and third placer Monica Specking.

    See all the photos in RXmuscle.com gallery - http://gallery.rxmuscle.com/index.php?cont...63&year=271

    1. Courtney West


    2. Teresa Anthony


    3. Monica Specking


  3. Possibly from Sweden, Jesper Kvarnhammar and Sakawan Ahmed will be competing.

    Possibly from Norway, Ayad Kadem Musa.

    From Germany:

    Ralf Herget

    Jens Schneider

    Serkan Cetin

    Marco Schmidt

    Erich Beihl

    Paul Poloczek

    Photos from German qualification - http://www.bodybuilding-magazin.de/foto/WM-Quali/2010/

    Video from German qualifyer - http://www.bodybuilding-magazin.de/bodybui...i-2010/2777.htm

  4. More photos - http://www.treningsforum.no/index.php?mode=gallery&id=60

    Check also the coverage - http://www.treningsforum.no/php/art.php?id=1428

    Check also the videos and photos in Iform.no - http://www.iform.no/pub/art.php?id=2002

    I have added a few photos in my facebook page as well - http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2926...mp;id=525693823

    Congrats to whole Estoanian team, was such a pleasure to meet u guys. And extra congrats Imre for the over all victory and Ott for great runner up placing, it was near !

  5. Anne concrats for final place -163cm!! No any more pictures, I tryed to find, maybe you find something?

    Yeh, that was cool. That class was HUGE.

    Thanks Natalia for the list of finalists.

    And no, I havent found a one single photo even though I ve been checking all the aruba, mexico, guate mala websites. .. huoh... . I so hate this. Whats wrong with these people ha ha ... :)

    But if I find something, I ll share here =)