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  1. IFBB World Children fitness championships to be held this weekend, a short preview by IFBB at http://www.ifbb.com/2016/06/2016-ifbb-world-children-fitness-championships-novi-sad-serbia/ by Andrew Michalak Next weekend, next contest. After the Olympia Amateur Spain recently held in Marbella, the next big IFBB international event: World Children Fitness Championships will be held in the upcoming weekend, June 18th-19th, in Novi Sad, Serbia. This year’s Children Worlds is hosted, like the previous five editions, by the Serbian Federation. This is possible due to the personal activity of the Sipka family: former pro bodybuilding champion and weight training TV promoter Biserka Sipka, her husband Zoran and daughter Dr. Zorana Sipka, supported financially by the City Council and the Autonomous Province Vojvodina government. The great scene of the Serbian National Theater, with over 900 seats, will be the venue. What may be a surprise, children are very stable in their sport passion, so many last years’ stars are coming to Serbia once again to fight for titles and medals. Girls up to 7 years old: all top three from past year will compete in the next category, so there is a space for new champions. Girls 8-9 years old: world champion Anna Melnikova (Russia) and bronze medal winner Dorka Göbölös-Szabó (Hungary) went to the next class, so this category will be dominated either by girls who placed out of the top 6 last year: Daniela Koreckova (Slovakia) and Szelina Vaczkó (Hungary) or by stars coming from the previous class: Uliana Tesova and Nika Andreeva (both of Russia) and Amira Toman (Hungary), or… by someone new! Girls 10-11 years old: top two from last year: Nelli Novodomska and Katarina Blaskova (both of Slovakia) will compete in the next class, so the 3rd place winner Anastasiia Guskova (Russia) will have a chance to grasp the gold medal, fighting against last year’s champions from the younger class: Melnikova and Göbölös-Szabó. Girls 12-13 years old: top two from last year: Tatiana Ondruskova (Slovaia) and Jimena Segura (Mexico) will meet once again fighting for the gold medal. But they will meet last year’ champions from younger class Nelli Novodomska and Katarina Blaskova. Novodomska won gold medals at four previous Championships! Will she continue this “gold series” this year? Girls 14-15 years old: phenomenal Regina Benko (Hungary) will come to regain the title. She won all 6 previous Championships, starting from the youngest class, up to 7 years old! Amazing achievements! There will also be last year’s bronze medal winner Anna Oravecz (Hungary) and Anna Hepnerova (Slovakia) who also participated in all 6 previous Championships! Boys up to 12 years: unbeatable champion Dobryinya Evtukhov (Russia) will compete in the next class but 2015 runner-up Damian Korecko (Slovakia) and 4th place winner Ivan Privalov (Russia) will be there fighting for the gold medal. Boys 13-15 years: Last year champion Denis Ambrus (Slovakia) will have a very difficult task to regain the title in the presence of phenomenal Evtukhov. Also bronze medal winner Kazmeir Ali Riza (Turkey) and 4th place winner Dominik Jewiak (Poland) will be there ready to fight for the final victory.
  2. Even though the IFBB amateur season in Europe is having a summer break, pro league ain't! This weekends attention caught by IFBB Dallas Europa show with following line ups: At least some of the prejudging rounds took place already but obviously no live coverage.
  3. IFBB & Spanish Federation, welcomes to the second edition of the Olympia Amateur Spain from the 10th to the 12th of June of 2016. Mr. Olympia Amateur is an amateur version of the famous Mr. Olympia Pro competition, started by the inspirational concept of bodybuilding pioneer and promoter Joe Weider in 1965. The event will be hold at the Palacio de Congresos Adolfo Suárez in Marbella, the world famous turistic resort capital of Costa del Sol, 50 kms away from Malaga. Apart from men’s bodybuilding, our amateur version will also include men’s classic bodybuilding, men’s physique, women’s bodyfitness and bikini-fitness: all the physique sports performed in the IFBB.
  4. IFBB Amateur Olympia, Spain 2016

    And more videos uploaded on Eastlabs.tv's YT- channel https://www.youtube.com/user/EastLabsTV/videos CBB over all // Bodyfitness over all // And open BB over all comparisons //
  5. Norwegian PRO BBer Tommi Thorvildsen in the end of December, time for comeback?
  6. New pro athletes for Sweden http://www.skkf.org/newsview.aspx?lang=se&newsid=788 Frida Paulsen (bikini, over all winner in Arnold AM South Africa), Samir Troudi (-212, class winner in Amateur Olympia Spain) and Madelen Myhr (bikini, European Champ) have joined the IFBB pro league.
  7. Heath's guest posing 14 weeks out // ....
  8. IFBB Amateur Olympia, Spain 2016

    And complete results have been added online at http://www.ifbb.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/16-Olympia-Spain-Results.pdf MP over all winner Ondřej Kmošťak (153) More photogalleries to be updated at http://www.eastlabs.sk/fotogaleria/2016-ifbb-olympia-amateur-spain-marbella
  9. IFBB Amateur Olympia, Spain 2016

    And bikini fitness over all comparisons video //
  10. IFBB Amateur Olympia, Spain 2016

    Over all winners // http://www.ifbb.com/2016/06/2016-olympia-amateur-spain-iii-overall-champions/ BIKINI FITNESS: Saskia Cakoci (Slovaquia) BODYFITNESS: Irina Topoleva (Russia) MEN´S PHYSIQUE: Ondrej Kmostak (Czech Republic) BODYBUILDING: Jorge Zamorano (Spain) CLASSIC BODYBUILDING: Jacek Ratusznik (Poland)
  11. Omaha Pro results and photos available at http://contests.npcnewsonline.com/contests/2016/ifbb_omaha_pro/ Ruth Jean (bikini), Omar Bautista (Classic Physique), Isabelle Turrell (FBB) and Dianne Brown (WPD) took the top honors and qualified to the O weekend.
  12. IFBB Amateur Olympia, Spain 2016

    Bikini fitness over all // http://www.eastlabs.sk/olympia/4904/saskia-cakoci-absolutnou-vitazkou-olympia-amateur-spain
  13. IFBB Amateur Olympia, Spain 2016

    Photogalleries from the day 1 http://www.eastlabs.sk/fotogaleria/2016-ifbb-olympia-amateur-spain-marbella Pascal Chukwu - winner in BB up to 100kg class
  14. IFBB Amateur Olympia, Spain 2016

    No complete results yet available but foundrandom scorecards by Easlabs //
  15. IFBB Amateur Olympia, Spain 2016

    A few shots from the weigh in // http://www.eastlabs.sk/fotogaleria/2016-ifbb-olympia-amateur-spain-marbella/2016-olympia-spain-weight-in Competitor lists posted in FB of IFBB official //
  16. IFBB Amateur Olympia, Spain 2016

    NOTE: the event will be live streamed!
  17. Kai's guest posing from the Toronto show // And Dallas McCarver heading to his next show, 6 weeks out update // Hide's Olympia prep series is on as well //
  18. IFBB Amateur Olympia, Spain 2016

    IFBB.com previews the bikini classes http://www.ifbb.com/2016/06/2016-olympia-amateur-spain-who-is-who/
  19. IFBB Amateur Olympia, Spain 2016

    Viktor Simkin ready to go
  20. IFBB Amateur Olympia, Spain 2016

    The preliminary competitor lists are up at http://ifbbspain.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1736%3Alistados-olympia-amateur-spain&catid=38%3Adestacadas&Itemid=35 WOMEN’S BIKINI-FITNESS UP TO 160cm 1. Dóra Bodó Hungary 2. Azzurra Sansone Italy 3. Stefania Finessi Italy 4. Ana Tapu Moldova 5. Giannina Lujan-Ripoll Peru 6. Ana Sousa Portugal 7. Zuzana Gabriskova Slovakia 8. Andrea Neumannova Slovakia 9. Veronica Bastos Spain 10. Adriana Rico Spain 11. Leyri Blanco Spain 12. Virginia Banco Spain 13. Georgi Lewis UK WOMEN’S BIKINI-FITNESS UP TO 163cm 1. Daniela Halás Czech Republic 2. Tatiana Naddennaia Czech Republic 3. Norma Valls Denmark 4. Kadiani Pateraki Greece 5. Karina Gavrikova Hungary 6. Marika Cordini Italy 7. Ginna Pedros Spain 8. Laura Benasques Spain 9. Laura Rodriguez Spain 10. Monica Diaz Spain 11. Rocio Lopez Spain 12. Cristobalina Pajares Spain 13. Linda Illerstam Sweden 14. Malin Johansson Sweden WOMEN’S BIKINI-FITNESS UP TO 166cm 1. Eleni-Maria Strati Greece 2. Veronica Awad Italy 3. Federica Gobbetti Italy 4. Aurelia Bissoli Italy 5. Svetlana Lenivteva Moldova 6. Chelsea Croad New Zealand 7. Katarzyna Maliszewska Poland 8. Evgeniia Krasnova Russia 9. Ekaterina Krasavina Russia 10. Jenny Alcantara Spain 11. Marta Almendros Spain 12. Frida Sjöström Sweden 13. Eliana Medina Venezuela WOMEN’S BIKINI-FITNESS UP TO 169cm 1. Daniela Zaharieva Bulgaria 2. Valerie Peršina Czech Republic 3. Nikol Raszyková Czech Republic 4. Sabrina Alberelli France 5. Jocelyne Hoimian Germany 6. Elis Naumanis Ireland 7. Monika Kotecka Ireland 8. Matilde Biagini Italy 9. Aurora Giglio Italy 10. Ewelina Szala Poland 11. Svetlana Elina Russia 12. Jana Milova Slovakia 13. Elena Alamo Spain 14. Evita Breide Spain 15. Isabel Aguilar Spain 16. Tayri Rodriguez Spain WOMEN’S BIKINI-FITNESS UP TO 172cm 1. Nicole Tovey Bermuda 2. Daniela Bečková Czech Republic 3. Marina Krause Germany 4. Rita Major Hungary 5. Helga Stibi Ireland 6. Veronica Mancini Italy 7. Alessia Facchin Italy 8. Simona Renzetti Italy 9. Ekaterina Lapteva Russia 10. Alena Yarovan Russia 11. Saskia Cakoci Slovakia 12. Laila Boussaid Spain 13. Lorena Sanchez Spain 14. Natalia Espinar Spain 15. Alla Meijer UK WOMEN’S BIKINI-FITNESS OVER 172cm 1. Aliaksandra Popova Belarus 2. Katharina Asal Germany 3. Szandra Horváth Hungary 4. Catharina Wahl Norway 5. Elena Isupova Russia 6. Arlene Perez Spain 7. Jagienka Kaminska-Maria Spain 8. Yevheniia Suprun Ukraine MASTER WOMEN’S BIKINI-FITNESS, OPEN 1. Nicole Tovey Bermuda 2. Nikol Raszyková Czech Republic 3. Georgia Tsami Greece 4. Elisa Falzoni Italy 5. Daniela Falzaroni Italy 6. Natalia Shishkina Italy 7. Aurelia Bissoli Italy 8. Anna Kisielewicz Poland 9. Rocio Pedrero Spain 10. Ana Lia Hernandez Spain 11. Irene Gutierrez Spain 12. Sara Diaz Spain 13. Maria del Mar Martin Spain 14. Frida Sjöström Sweden 15. Nucia Freitas Samo Switzerland 16. Liz Richardson UK WOMEN’S BODYFITNESS UP TO 163cm 1. Mari Tarkmanian Cyprus 2. Michaela Bílková Czech Republic 3. Petra Štruncová Czech Republic 4. Roberta Visintainer Italy 5. Agnese Donati Italy 6. Lisbeth Hjartholm Norway 7. Karolina Mieszala Poland 8. Joana Pereira Portugal 9. Sílvia Lourenço Portugal 10. Irina Topoleva Russia 11. Nieves Lopez Spain 12. Maria Bozinovska Spain 13. Timea Zobakova Spain 14. Maria Mas Delgado Spain 15. Patricia Martinez Spain 16. Pilar Rojas Spain 17. Pia Jansson Sweden WOMEN’S BODYFITNESS OVER 163cm 1. Gergana Zaharieva Bulgaria 2. Barbara Lorenzetto Italy 3. Manuela De Simone Italy 4. Giusy Dezio Italy 5. Lesley Barents Netherlands 6. Eline Klijnstra Netherlands 7. Raquel Arranz Spain 8. Maria Perez Spain 9. Yurena Navarro Spain 10. Laura Veiguela Spain 11. Cristina Almansa Spain MEN’S BODYBUILDING UP TO 70kg 1. Alexandre Bozonet France 2. Aristide Mbomni Tiam Germany 3. Vincenzo Amatuzzi Italy 4. Gennaro Angelillo Italy 5. Emanuele Vezzola Italy 6. Sandro Brocca Italy 7. Ramon Moraga Spain 8. Manuel Soto Spain MEN’S BODYBUILDING UP TO 80kg 1. Rohid Razban Denmark 2. Sokratis Koukoulis Greece 3. Anastasios Misailidis Greece 4. Fausto Tondo Italy 5. Alex Zuccaro Italy 6. Artur Szudrowicz Poland 7. Abdulmuneim Al Mutlaq Qatar 8. Mohammed Al Dossari Qatar 9. Nour El Felyly Spain 10. Alberto Corrales Spain 11. Rafael Beltran Spain 12. Maximiliano Rodriguez Spain 13. Esteban Vara Spain 14. Jorge Fernandez Spain MEN’S BODYBUILDING UP TO 85kg 1. Stefano Valsecchi Italy 2. Roderick Theuma Malta 3. Mariusz Balazinski Poland 4. Rui Rodrigues Portugal 5. Rogério Barradas Portugal 6. Mohammed Al Naama Qatar 7. Norbert Zajac Slovakia 8. Sento Olombrada Spain 9. Anselmo Cortado Spain 10. Pedro Ortega Spain 11. Andriy Sharapov Ukraine MEN’S BODYBUILDING UP TO 90kg 1. Giorgio Santini Italy 2. Gilberto Vigliotta Italy 3. Pascal Chuckwu Netherlands 4. Grego Franciscka Netherlands 5. Dan Cristea Romania 6. Viktor Simkin Russia 7. Jorge Zamorano Spain 8. Jonathan Quintero Spain 9. Lorenzo Fernandez Spain 10. Jose Lopez Spain 11. Cesar Borja Spain 12. Carlos Espuelas Span 13. Samir Troudi Sweden 14. Neriman Arkawazi Switzerland MEN’S BODYBUILDING UP TO 100kg 1. Simon Decubber Belgium 2. Georgi Karamishev Bulgaria 3. Avraam Kyriacou Cyprus 4. Jakub Šedivý Czech Republic 5. Ludovic Bogaert France 6. Athanasios Attilakos Greece 7. Luigi Quinto Italy 8. Gilberto Ciriello Italy 9. Igor Brembilla Italy 10. Marco Romano Italy 11. Tomasz Bobrowski Poland 12. César de Araújo Portugal 13. Abdelwadoud Bayoumi Qatar 14. Juan Alberto Machado Spain 15. Luis Llorente Spain 16. Jorge Aunion Spain 17. David Pozzi Spain MEN’S BODYBUILDING OVER 100kg 1. Andre Dufrasness Belgium 2. Venelin Velikov Bulgaria 3. Krasimir Sarafov Bulgaria 4. Hassan Jama Canada 5. Jan Turek Czech Republic 6. Radek Čejka Czech Republic 7. Sergio Fernandez Dominican Republic 8. Mohamad El Masri Greece 9. Matteo Innocenti Italy 10. Fabio Petruio Italy 11. Marco Lucacci Italy 12. Ole K. Våga Norway 13. Emil Kalenski Poland 14. Raul Maghiar Romania 15. Ivan Vodyanov Russia 16. Lukas Gabris UK MEN’S CLASSIC BODYBUILDING UP TO 171cm 1. Artur Arutiunian Armenia 2. Omar Obino Italy 3. Francisco Ramalho Portugal 4. Urs Zumstein Switzerland MEN’S CLASSIC BODYBUILDING UP TO 175cm 1. Antonio Ludovico Italy 2. Aniello Terracciano Italy 3. Rafal Domin Poland 4. Radoslaw Smyk Poland 5. Artur Topolewski Poland 6. Omar Al Den Qatar 7. Enrique Marquez Spain 8. Francisco Lozano Spain 9. Josep Mayoral Spain 10. Abdul Chakhmani Spain 11. Francisco Vazquez Spain 12. Patrik Kasra Sweden MEN’S CLASSIC BODYBUILDING UP TO 180cm 1. Kevork Tutunjian Armenia 2. Vitali Champalov Belarus 3. Constantinos Koutras Cyprus 4. Jacek Malagocki Ireland 5. Bagah Essowedeou Ireland 6. Besnik Beqiri Italy 7. Abbas Karaki Lebanon 8. Michal Zadlo Poland 9. Aramis Borradori Qatar 10. Abdullah Al Allaq Qatar 11. Lepomir Bakic Serbia 12. Boris Palovic Slovakia 13. Davorin Kejžar Slovenia 14. Benito Ruiz Spain 15. Moises Lopez Spain 16. Carlos Bermudez Spain 17. Antonio De La Torre Spain 18. Vicente Novel Spain 19. Prudencio Roldan Spain 20. Mojtaba Nourizad Sweden MEN’S CLASSIC BODYBUILDING OVER 180cm 1. Jakub Slavkovský Czech Republic 2. Paolo Sgro’ Italy 3. Jacek Ratusznik Poland 4. Matej Križnik Slovenia 5. Pablo Rojo Spain 6. Cristian Perez Spain 7. Jose Perez Spain MEN’S PHYSIQUE UP TO 170cm 1. Panos Plangesis Czech Republic 2. Davide Alippi Italy 3. Andrea Bertelloni Italy 4. Rinat Usupbaev Kyrgyzstan 5. Andrea Frascari Moldova 6. Fábio Ferreira Portugal 7. Luis Postiga Portugal 8. Tiago Rebelo Portugal 9. Fábio da Silva Portugal 10. Filipe Teixeira Portugal 11. Gurnek Singh Portugal 12. Yousuf Al Malki Qatar 13. Omar Al Ishaq Qatar 14. Jabor Al Kuwari Qatar 15. Mourad Sabbouhi Qatar 16. Riko Cetin Slovenia 17. Jose Caballero Spain 18. Angel Lazaro Garcia Spain 19. Jesus Perez Spain 20. Miguel Rodriguez Spain 21. Santiago Armas Spain 22. Savo Jacovic Spain 23. Sergio Gonzalez Spain 24. Jesus Gonzalez Spain 25. Francisco Sanchez Spain 26. Aitor Garcia Spain 27. Juan Salomon Spain 28. Diego Lizarraga Spain MEN’S PHYSIQUE UP TO 174cm 1. Michael Deryck Belgium 2. Andrea Torrone Italy 3. Paolo Rinaldi Italy 4. Dennis Johansen Norway 5. António Ramalho Portugal 6. André Alves Portugal 7. Nelson Fernandes Portugal 8. Ammar Shlash Qatar 9. Abdulrahman Al Jassim Qatar 10. Alberto Soler Spain 11. Borja Diz Camarero Spain 12. Enrique Gutierrez Spain 13. Lucas Parron Spain MEN’S PHYSIQUE UP TO 178cm 1. Ishkhan Sedrakyan Armenia 2. Lukas Macek Czech Republic 3. Maxime Parisi France 4. Adrien Dubuisson France 5. Benedikt Lukas Germany 6. Alessandro D’amuri Italy 7. Andrea Mosti Italy 8. Dario Loda Italy 9. Luca Palazzolo Italy 10. Petter Grønningsaeter Norway 11. Krzysztof Krauze Poland 12. Flavio Martins Portugal 13. Helder Marinho Portugal 14. Mohammed Saleh Qatar 15. Taregh Al Maraghi Qatar 16. Hussain Baker Qatar 17. Robert Kohut Slovakia 18. Alberto Hiciano Spain 19. David Fillol Spain 20. Carlos Abarca Spain 21. Ivan Martinez Spain 22. Jonathan Bueno Spain 23. Jose Martinez Spain 24. Javier Suarez Spain 25. Bjorn Leidl Spain 26. Daniel Djurdjevic Sweden 27. Valentino Martignetti Switzerland MEN’S PHYSIQUE OVER 178cm 1. Sami Hamidi Cyprus 2. Demetris Patsalos Cyprus 3. Ondřej Kmošťak Czech Republic 4. Petr Jaroš Czech Republic 5. Marco Foti Italy 6. Leonardo Piacentini Italy 7. Marco Acquistapace Italy 8. Andrea Santoro Italy 9. Matteo Tincani Italy 10. Valentino Soekha Netherlands 11. Mateusz Bobrowski Poland 12. Carlos Antunes Portugal 13. Abdulaziz Al Siwar Qatar 14. Mateusz Bobrowski Poland 15. Nikolay Kuleshov Russia 16. Aleksandr Timofeev Russia 17. Julian Laserna Spain 18. Adrian Bouso Spain 19. Alberto Gonzalez Spain 20. Feydher Perez Spain 21. Ruben Martin Spain 22. Miguel Garcia Spain 23. Peter Rothwell Spain 24. Aso Ramazani Sweden 25. Marko Savic Sweden MUSCULAR MEN’S PHYSIQUE OPEN 1. Valentino Tozzi Italy 2. Fábio Rodrigues Portugal 3. Virgílio Costa Portugal 4. Kenneth Guevara Spain 5. Ivan Martin Spain 6. Norberto Benitez Spain
  21. IFBB Amateur Olympia, Spain 2016

    A short preview on IFBB.com // http://www.ifbb.com/2016/06/2016-olympia-amateur-spain-marbella/
  22. Finally some results from the AC amateur South Africa // www.ifbb.com M. Johannesburg hosted an outstanding 1st. edition of the Arnold Classic South Africa, where we discovered a new set of amateur athletes that reached the glory, winning in their respective overall sport disciplines. Leaded by fantastic south african athlete, Earl Abrahams -from Western Province- winner in Bodybuilding up to 100 kg. and in the overall category; the other stars in this Arnold Classic edition were the next: Bodybuilding: Earl Abrahams (South Africa) Men´s Physique: Abdel Al Qusai (Jordan) Classic Bodybuilding: Joe Manjoo (South Africa) Bikini: Frida Paulsen (Sweden) Fitness: Claire McGrath (Ireland) Bodyfitness: Odette de Winaar (South Africa) Women´s Physique: Margitta Zamolova (Czech Republic) Other interesting athletes who won their respective divisions, according the age, were as follows: JUNIOR: Bikini: Chanel Erwee (South Africa) Bodybuilding: Elbey Chamseddine (Belgium) Classic BB: Devin Stewart (South Africa) Men´s Physique: Abdel Al Qusai (Jordan) MASTER: Bikini: Elsa Pena (Portugal) Bodybuilding: Ahmad Al-Jaafeen (Jordan) Men´s Physique: Luis Cunha (Portugal)
  23. Results // Toronto Pro Supershow Photos available at www.muscle-insider.com, no good comparison photos up yet tho. Men's BB -212 TOP 5 1. Alejandro Cambronero 2. Zane Watson 3. Kim Jun Ho 4. Mark Dugdale 5. Vojtech Koritensky Photos from the finals http://muscle-insider.com/photos/toronto-pro-2016-mens-212-bodybuilding-finals Men's open BB, TOP 5 1. Nathan De Asha 2. Maxx Charles 3. Fouad Abiad 4. Ben Pakulski 5. Jonathan Dela Rosa Photos available at http://muscle-insider.com/photos/toronto-pro-2016-mens-bodybuilding Women's fitness, TOP 5 1. Ariel Khadr 2. Myriam Capes 3. Dominique Matthews 4. Stacy Dawn 5. Jeanine Taddeo Photos from the finals http://muscle-insider.com/photos/toronto-pro-2016-fitness-finals Women's figure, TOP 5 1. Swann De La Rosa 2. Julie Peterson 3. Krista Dunn 4. Melanie Noel 5. Melissa Bumstead Photos available at http://muscle-insider.com/photos/toronto-pro-supershow-figure-finals Women's bikini, TOP 5 1. Jennifer Ronzitti 2. Anya Ells 3. Dayna Maleton 4. Angie Garcia 5. Cynthia Benoit Finals galleries available at http://muscle-insider.com/photos/toronto-pro-2016-bikini-finals
  24. Egle placed 9th in a full line up, congrats! Results and a few photos at http://contests.npcnewsonline.com/contests/2016/ifbb_northern_california_pro/