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  1. Let's get back to business in this thread also. Following weekend the pro athletes compete besides Pittsburgh Pro, also at the Fitness galan held in Swden! In addition to those, here is also California Night of champions held for MP athletes. Pittsburgh competitor lists // Competitor lists for the Fitness Galan - NOTE - Egle is competing! And the Cali show //
  2. Danish Dennis Jensen heading to BB as well // Sneak peak of MP athlete Sherko Eliassi // Redir Nerway aint looking fat either
  3. Norwegian bikini athlete Catharina Wahl showing where she stands one week out // Men's physique athlete Jaani Inkinen 1 week out as well //
  4. Petra Palomäki - heading to junior body fitness - shares some 1 week out shots //
  5. IFBB.com previews men's CBB // http://www.ifbb.com/2016/04/2016-european-bodybuilding-and-fitness-championships-preview-1-mens-classic-bodybuilding-2/
  6. http://www.ifbb.com/2016/04/updated-2016-european-championships-tentative-running-order-and-schedule/
  7. Peter Wilénius posing 2 weeks out // And Sherko Eliassi showing where he stands ...
  8. Team Norway // Tina Larsen - Fitness Eirik Thingstad, Men's fitness Ariell Rosenblad, WPD, mixed pairs Andre Thesen, masters BB and CBB, mixed pairs Ole M Dragz, masters BB and CBB Veronica Bodtker, BF ; Synnøve Birgitte Belden ; Gro Johansen (BF) Vibeke Litland, junior BF Maria Kolby Sonstad, junior BF Monica Dale Claussen, masters BF Janne Torstensrud Krohn Mona Hoff Eduardo Da Silva (MP) ; Jose Lucero (MP); Rashid Kwarasey (MP) Dennis Johansen (MP) Robert A Berg (MP) Marcus Da Silva (junior MP) Dawson Hamilton (masters MP) Natalia Ejsmont (bikini); Leslie Elise Eidsaune (bikini) ; Lisa-Mari Ingebrigtsen (bikini) Catharina Wahl, bikini Maureen Caramela Blanquisco, bikini Therese Opsahl, bikini Camilla Paulgaard Brahms, masters bikini
  9. Swedish MP athlete Martin Montazeri 2 weeks out //
  10. Qualified athletes from Finland : Petra Palomäki, body fitness juniors up to 163cm Nelli Heikkillä, body fitness juniors +163cm Kirsi Palosaari, masters body fitness 45 Heli Ahvenainen, body fitness masters 35 -163cm Liis Org, body fitness -163cm Mari Leppänen, body fitness -168cm Pauliina Räisänen, body fitness +168cm Eveliina Tistelgren, fitness John Lausvuo, CBB juniors Jani Sinisalo, CBB masters Jani Lemberg, CBB Milad Amiri, men's physique juniors Sherko Eliassi, men's physique Alexandros Staboulis, men's physique Niina Pellikka, WPD Tanja Sundell, bikini fitness -160cm Melina Keltaniemi, bikini fitness Sara Sievinen, bikini fitness Milla Kelahaara, bikini fitness Also Jari Laine (BB +50) Jukka Backlund ( BB +50), Juhani Mattila ( BB +60), Antti Pirinen ( BB +40 -90kg) and Peter Wilénius ( BB +40 +90kg) will be representing Finland.
  11. An annual spring event - Oslo GP - taking place on 9th of April at the Oslo Konsterthus. From the promoter:
  12. Also body fitness and bikini fitness classes are included! The official website is now online // http://benweiderlegacycup.com/
  13. Team Sweden // http://www.skkf.org/n.776/rekordstort-intresse-for-em.aspx Men: Rabi Fakhro, Bodybuilding -95 kg Arne Lundell, Bodybuilding -100 kg Fredrik Spång, Bodybuilding masters 40–49, -80 kg Mats Ljung, Bodybuilding masters 40–49, -80 kg Jan Nordlund, Bodybuilding masters 40–49, -80 kg Calle Bolund, Classic Bodybuilding junior Roger Lineau, Classic Bodybuilding masters 40-49 år Fredrik Ström, Classic Bodybuilding masters 40–49 år Johnny Grape, Classic Bodybuilding masters +50 år, mixed pairs Redir Nerway, Men’s Physique senior -178 cm, MP junior Law Shala, Men’s Physique -178 cm Martin Montazeri, Men’s Physique +178 cm Women: Frida Paulsen Stern, Bikini Fitness junior, bikini fitness -169 cm Madelen Myhr, Bikini Fitness -166 cm Frida Sjöström, Bikini Fitness -166 cm, also masters Maria Hasselmark, Bodyfitness +168 cm, BF masters 35–44 Carina Isaksson, Bodyfitness masters +45 Semiran Dag, Women’s Physique masters Lisbeth Grape, Women’s Physique masters, also mixed pairs
  14. Congrats people! Sorry I was OFFFFF to Fitness Classic held in Finland this weekend.