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World Children's Championships 2013

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IFBB continues supporting children's fitness;

Novi Sad, a city that loves Sport and has already organized many outstanding IFBB events, will organize for second consecutive year the World Children’s Championship next 15-17 June organized by Zoran and Biserka Sipka together with the Serbian Federation.


The insicetion report with all the official information can be downloaded HERE (doc-format).

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by Andrew Michalak

IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja has recently approved the final version of the Inspection Report for the upcoming IFBB World Children Fitness Championships. The Championships will take place in Novi Sad, Serbia, and will be the 4th event of this series, which started in 2010 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Last year’s Children Fitness Worlds were also hosted by Novi Sad but this time children will perform in a new, prestigious venue: SNP (Srpsko Narodno Pozoriste) – Serbian National Theatre with over 150 years of tradition, which has got a new building, constructed in 1981, with the largest stage in Serbia and the audience with 940 seats. First time in the IFBB history children will have so comfortable and modern conditions for their performance! This is possible due to the highly efficient activity of the Sipka family in Novi Sad: Biserka, Zorana and Zoran, supported by the City Council Sport Department, with Mr. Alexander Kravic as a Head.

Even this short history of children fitness development in the IFBB has given a very promising results: last year first children grown-up and trained in the IFBB entered the World Juniors Championships and some of them placed at the top, showing high quality performance and physique. Currently, countries developing children fitness are limited to Central and Eastern Europe plus Mexico. We encourage other IFBB National Federations to start the work with children. Satisfaction and good results guarantied! Built our sports from the beginning!

Categories open to the 2013 World Children Fitness Championships:


- Up to 12 years of age

- From 13 up to the 15 years of age


- Up to 7 years of age

- From 8 up to the 9 years of age

- From 10 up to the 11 years of age

- From 12 up to the 13 years of age

- From 14 up to the 15 years of age

Each National Federation may enter an A-Team equal to the number of categories (max. of 2 boys and 5 girls) and the same number of competitors in B-Team.

The Final Entry Forms should be sent not later than June 3rd, 2013 !

A-Team athletes and delegates pay EUR 50 participation fee, B-Team athletes – EUR 200 Full Special Package. Extra Delegates: EUR 200 in a double room and EUR 250 in a single room.

All competitors will have to present their Passport and music at the registration. European Union citizens need to have a valid Passport to enter Serbia. Others have to check at the Serbian Embassies or Consulates in their countries.

Detailed information and forms available at the Inspection Report already published on this website.


Saturday, June 15th, 2013:

12:00 – 17:00 - Check-in (Novi Sad Hotel).

18:00 – Judges / Managers Meeting

19:00 – Registration

Sunday, June 16th, 2013:

10:00 – Semifinals

18:00 – Finals

21:00 – Farewell Banquet

Monday, June 17th, 2013:

Till 12:00 – Check-out and departures

In photos;

2012 Children Fitness Worlds (from L): Mr. Zoran Sipka and Mrs. Biserka Sipka awarded with the IFBB Medals presented to them by the IFBB Judges Committee Chairman Pawel Filleborn (right).

Children participated in the 2012 Worlds in Novi Sad with the promoters and judges.

2012 Worlds up to 7 years old category finalists: maybe there is a future world women’s fitness champion among them?

Performing on the stage, children are happy and amusing: Joanne Plancarte (Mexico).

Don’t believe in children’s high quality performance? Elvira Titova (Russia).

2013 Children Fitness Worlds new venue: NSP - Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad.

Children will perform on the largest stage of the NSP.

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre from Taiwan performing on the NSP stage in Novi Sad. Not so far from fitness…









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This event to be held during the upcoming weekend, a great number of athletes attending;


List of nominated athletes


  1. Dorka Göbölös-Szabó HUNGARY
  2. Veronika Hadnagy HUNGARY
  3. Hanna Mihalek HUNGARY B-TEAM
  4. Brigitta Varga HUNGARY B-TEAM
  5. Carol Inocencio MEXICO
  6. Arina Pivnenko RUSSIA
  7. Ivana Mušicki SERBIA
  8. Nikol Slovakova SLOVAKIA B-TEAM
  9. Anna Mielnikova UKRAINE


  1. Eliska Plickova CZECH REPUBLIC
  2. Hana Holisova CZECH REPUBLIC
  3. Beatrix Ilosvay HUNGARY
  4. Luca Diós HUNGARY
  5. Míra Tóth HUNGARY B-TEAM
  6. Dóra Horváth HUNGARY B-TEAM
  7. Veronika Harchenko LATVIA
  8. Danna Camarena MEXICO
  9. Julita Adamczyk POLAND
  10. Ioana Calenici ROMANIA
  11. Bianca Soreanu ROMANIA B-TEAM
  12. Anastasiia Guskova RUSSIA
  13. Kseniia Riabicheva RUSSIA B-TEAM
  14. Milica Mirćetič SERBIA
  15. Lena Dunđerski SERBIA
  16. Tara Bundalo SERBIA B-TEAM
  17. Lea Popović SERBIA B-TEAM
  18. Nelli Novodomska SLOVAKIA
  19. Katarina Blaskova SLOVAKIA B-TEAM
  20. Tuanna Büyükyilmaz TURKEY


  1. Daniela Kohoutova CZECH REPUBLIC
  2. Andrea Remesova CZECH REPUBLIC
  3. Eliska Pokorna CZECH REPUBLIC B-TEAM
  4. Luca Tóth HUNGARY
  5. Kitti Dzsuppin HUNGARY
  6. Rebeka Rádóczy HUNGARY B-TEAM
  7. Rebeka Karna HUNGARY B-TEAM
  8. Joanne Plancarte MEXICO
  9. Leona Gulyas ROMANIA
  10. Denisa Georgescu ROMANIA B-TEAM
  11. Paula Sofran ROMANIA B-TEAM
  12. Arina Filianina RUSSIA
  13. Marina Klyueva RUSSIA B-TEAM
  14. Jovana Mušicki SERBIA
  15. Milana Munjas SERBIA
  16. Sara Didi SLOVAKIA
  17. Nasta Vrabelova SLOVAKIA B-TEAM
  18. Maryna Kucher UKRAINE
  19. Maryna Honcharenko UKRAINE


  1. Regina Benkő HUNGARY
  2. Panni Fraunberger HUNGARY
  3. Bianka Kis HUNGARY B-TEAM
  4. Reka Zahorecz HUNGARY B-TEAM
  5. Vanesa Belova LATVIA
  6. Nayeli Pedroza MEXICO
  7. Aleksandra Kepa POLAND
  8. Zenaida Babas ROMANIA
  9. Andreea Zaman ROMANIA B-TEAM
  10. Veronika Glazyrina RUSSIA
  11. Ekaterina Kodratieva RUSSIA B-TEAM
  12. Slađana Rađenović SERBIA
  13. Ena Munjas SERBIA
  14. Milica Jahura SERBIA B-TEAM
  15. Milica Beslać SERBIA B-TEAM
  16. Maria Polerecka SLOVAKIA
  17. Greta Prockova SLOVAKIA B-TEAM
  18. Kristina Juricova SLOVAKIA B-TEAM
  19. Daryna Kovtun UKRAINE
  20. Daryna Kobzar UKRAINE


  1. Nikolett Szabó HUNGARY
  2. Laura Lissák HUNGARY
  3. Virág Pető HUNGARY B-TEAM
  4. Dorka Osztermayer HUNGARY B-TEAM
  5. Arina Folkmane LATVIA
  6. Kristina Haritonova LATVIA
  7. Deborah Marin MEXICO
  8. Rebeca Git ROMANIA
  9. Iulia Moldovan ROMANIA B-TEAM
  10. Stefania Nistorenco ROMANIA B-TEAM
  11. Elvira Titova RUSSIA
  12. Anastasia Kulimanova RUSSIA B-TEAM
  13. Anastasiya Balaeva RUSSIA B-TEAM
  14. Angelina Frajić SERBIA
  15. Simona Vrebalov SERBIA
  16. Nataša Rozić SERBIA B-TEAM
  17. Martina Čeljuska SERBIA B-TEAM
  18. Tatiana Kozuchova SLOVAKIA
  19. Vanessa Lisziova SLOVAKIA
  20. Oleksandra Diachuk UKRAINE
  21. Margaryta Doroshenko UKRAINE


  1. Ábel Szász HUNGARY
  2. Kacper Delegiewicz POLAND
  3. Dominik Jewiak POLAND
  4. Alexandru Scînteie ROMANIA
  5. Leonard Manta ROMANIA B-TEAM
  6. Dobruinya Evtukhov RUSSIA
  7. Denis Ambrus SLOVAKIA
  8. Sergii Onbysh UKRAINE


  1. Dávid Luczenka HUNGARY

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Vabakava voorud on seal ok, tõesti ilusad ja huvitavad kavad. Kehavoor on ainus veidrus selle võistluse juures.

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IFBB announces the result lists, photos coming up later..


The Novi Sad IFBB World Children Championships was organized by Biserka and Zoran Sipka and the Serbian Federation under the direction of the IFBB Judges Committee Chairman, Pawel Filleborn.

The event was outstanding success, attended by near 100 talented and young athletes, in the premises of the new and most prominent Theatre of Novi Sad. The future of fitness as high-performance discipline is granted and we encourage all the National Federations that still have not this category to incorporate it in their programs.

To see the classifications of this event please click in the following link:


More pictures and information will be posted very soon.

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And a written review by IFBB // http://www.ifbb.com/newsletter/detail.php?id=10310&date=2013-06-16&language=english&prov=index


by Andrew Michalak

To see the classifications of this event please click in the following link:


Serbia hosted Children Championships for the second time in a row but this time the contest took place in a new venue – magnificent SNP – Serbian National Theatre. Promoters of the Championships: the Sipka family, provided a great place for this year’s event and it was very appreciated by children, their trainers and IFBB officials. Thank you!

Exactly 90 children from 11 countries came to Novi Sad to battle for the world titles. These both numbers are new records of participation. Children fitness is progressing year by year and two new teams arrived this year: Romania and Turkey.

Children have been gradually moving up to the oldest classes but many of them have been on stage from the first IFBB Children Worlds in 2010, showing tremendous progress in sport quality. Only the youngest class, up to 7 years old, usually has a lot of newcomers. The new winner, Anna Mielnikova, came from Russia but the 2012 winner, Anastasiia Guskova, also from Russia, moved to the older class, up to 9 years old, and finished in the 3rd place.

In the up to 9 years old class the world title went to the same girl, 2012 winner Nelli Novodomska of Slovakia, who was 2011 runner-up but in the youngest class.

In the 11-years-old class gold medal went to a newcomer: Maryna Honcharenko of Ukraine. Sara Didi of Slovakia placed second and Luca Tóth of Hungary third, moving up from the 6th place last year. Two top 2012 girls: Regina Benko and Panna Frauenberger, both of Hungary, went to the older class, where they met 2012 world champion Vanesa Belova of Latvia. After a tough battle Benko dethroned Belova, winning the gold medal, ahead of Belova and Frauenberger.

The biggest revolution and the closest battles happened in the oldest class, up to 15 years old. 2012 top two girls changed their places: now Nikolett Szabó of Hungary is a new world fitness princess, ahead of Elvira Titova of Russia and Virág Peto of Hungary, who moved up from the 5th place.

Now about boys. Still not so many of them compared to girl’s categories. In the younger class, up to 12 years old, Dobrynya Evtukhov of Russia regained the title, ahead of Dennis Ambrus of Slovakia and Kacper Delegiewicz of Poland. In the older class, up to 15 years old, one athlete only, Dávid Luczenka of Hungary.

A lot of thanks to the Sipka family for wonderful event and especially to Dr. Zorana Sipka, who was running all international matters.


Photos by Miljan Jecmenica
by courtesy of the Organizing Committee


2013 IFBB World Children Fitness Championships in Novi Sad, Serbia: the opening ceremony.


Opening speech by the EBFF Vice-President Pawel Filleborn. On his left contest organizer Dr. Zorana Sipka.


Girls up to 7 years old category winners (from L): Veronika Hadnagy (6th place); Carol Inocencio (4th place); Dorka Göbölös-Szabó (2nd place); Anna Mielnikova (1st place); Arina Pivnenko (3rd place); Hanna Mihalek (5th place).


Girls up to 7 years old category: Veronika Hadnagy (Hungary).


Girls up to 9 years old category winners (from L): Danna Camarena (6th place); Veronika Harcenko (4th place); Beatrix Ilosvay (2nd place); Nelli Novodomska (1st place); Anastasiia Guskova (3rd place); Katarina Blaskova (5th place).


Girls up to 9 years old category: Beatrix Ilosvay (Hungary).


Girls up to 11 years old category victory ceremony (from L): Joanne Plancarte (6th place); Kitti Dzsuppin (4th place); Sara Didi (2nd place); Championships promoter Mrs. Biserka Sipka, Maryna Honcharenko (1st place); EBFF Vice-President Pawe? Filleborn, Luca Tóth (3rd place); Maryna Kucher (5th place).


Girls up to 11 years old category: Maryna Honcharenko (Ukraine).


Girls up to 13 years old category winners (from L): Daryna Kobzar (6th place); Bianka Kis (4th place); Vanesa Belova (2nd place); Regina Benko (1st place); Panna Frauenberger (3rd place); Daryna Kovtun (5th place).


Girls up to 13 years old category: Regina Benko (Hungary).


Girls up to 15 years old category winners (from L): Dorka Osztermayer (6th place); Margaryta Doroshenko (4th place); Elvira Titova (2nd place); Nikolett Szabó (1st place); Virág Peto (3rd place); Tatiana Kozuchova (5th place).


Girls up to 15 years old category: Nikolett Szabó (Hungary).


Boys up to 12 years old category victory ceremony (from L): Dominik Jewiak (4th place); Denis Ambrus (2nd place); Dobrynya Evtukhov (1st place); Kacper Delegiewicz (3rd place); Abel Szász (5th place).


Boys up to 12 years old category: Dobrynya Evtukhov (Russia).

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Now you can see the video clips of this amazing event hold with great success on June, 15th – 17th, in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Fitness Children's World Championships started 3 years ago in Slovakia, growing since the first edition in a very consistent way and becoming the best source of future talents in this attractive and challenging specialty, that is a consistent part of IFBB policy of participation in multi organizational events at regional Olympic level.

You can watch the video clips of this excellent event on the following links:

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