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Mr Europe Pro & Amateur European Cup (pro qualifier) 2012

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No photos available from men's open pro show yet, but the TOP 6 results are;

1. Michael Kefalianos

2. Johnnie Jackson

3. Baitollah Abbaspour

4. Saied Feras

5. Sergey Shelestov

6. Daniel Toth

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Okay, now we got more material from the pro show as well.

See the videos from the show;

Comparisons from the finals - http://clips.team-andro.com/watch/256de12a6add92c83b4d/mr-europe-pro-vergleiche-2012

Final pose down and awards - http://clips.team-andro.com/watch/157a0f21ad30dda4d408/mr-europe-pro-posedown-and-awards-2012

Also the videos of TOP posing routines available; Michael Kefalianos , Johnnie Jackson and Abbaspour .

Body-xtreme. de wrapups the show with Mr Toney Freeman and interviews the TOP 3 - http://www.bodybuilding-magazin.de/bodybuilding-artikel/europe-pro-2012---top3-interviews-&-wrap-up-mit-toney-freeman/3863.htm

Photos from prejudging and the finals - http://www.bodybuilding-magazin.de/media/index.php?cat=88

How can B Curry, Olympia contender, look so lame next to Dan Toth?


TOP comparison, from the left Shelestov - Abbaspour - Kefalianos - Jackson - Saied Feras






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IFBB report from the amateur events - http://www.ifbb.com/newsletter/detail.php?id=10083&date=2012-05-01&language=english&prov=index


by Andrew Michalak

Last weekend has brought three new nominations for the Pro League professional athletes. New Pro Cards will be issued to: Ekaterina Gamagina, Aliaksey Shabunia and Vicente Santamaria.

The final start list of the athletes in Madrid was quite different than that published few days prior to the contest. A couple of athletes resigned in the last moment, the other decided to compete.

Men’s Bodybuilding over 85 kg

There was no sensation or surprise: Belarusian super heavyweight champion Aliaksey Shabunia finally got the Pro Card, winning all rounds with the perfect scores. Finally, after two years of “unpleasant” second places, he was successful this time.

But the 2nd place can be treated as a little surprise: it went to the Spanish bodybuilder Djalma Laroque Da Costa, who is not so well-known in the IFBB amateur circles. He just appeared in the IFBB at the 2011 Arnold Classic Europe, coming second in the 100 kg category, just 2 points behind Russian star Andrey Sorokin. Miha Zupan of Slovenia placed 3rd at that event and repeated this result recently in Madrid.

Two nominated Slovaks: Peter Kovac and Boris Prekop didn’t come. Instead we saw three Spanish bodybuilders: Fernando Navarro, Anselmo Cortado and Roberto Castellano. From them only Navarro tried to fight over Zupan for the 3rd place but failed.

Men’s Bodybuilding up to 85 kg

The Pro License was an internal matter between two Spanish bodybuilders: Vicente Santamaria and Manuel Canadillas. Santamaria was the runner-up of the 2010 European Championships in Maastricht, where he lost only to his team-mate Jonatan Reverte. Reverte also came to Madrid but was a bit off and placed 6th. In Madrid Santamaria looked very good: hard, dried and striated, so there was no problem with scoring; however in the first round he was tied with Manuel Canadillas. This was a surprise as Canadillas participated only in one IFBB international event: 2010 European Championships finishing out of the top ten in classic bodybuilding. He has improved a lot in those two years being a demanding rival to Santamaria this time. The 3rd place went to the Finland’s rising star Kimmo Hovilainen.

Women’s bodyfitness open class

The number of participants went up to 10 and it was a top quality line-up. Two athletes: Ekaterina Gamagina of Russia and Freyja Sigurdardottir of Island were fighting arm to arm for the Pro Card and it was a very equalized battle. Gamagina is a famous IFBB star, continental and world champion. But Freyja, who participated in a couple of Nordic countries events only, was an extremely demanding challenger and lost only by 1 point in each round. This was an exciting duel!

The next two athletes: Emi Perez and Lorena Inarra, both of Spain, are also very well-known stars and displayed top quality. Unfortunately, the last World Championships bronze medal winner, Mari Pakkila of Finland, was not in enough shape to run a close battle against the winners.

In the interview before the event, IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja informed that there will be no more contests of this type and the Pro Cards will be awarded only to the top three athletes at the continental championships and top six at the world championships. And this is the right decision because some of the pro athletes who were given the Pro Cards “too early” can’t prepare top quality condition for the pro events, what was seen at the Mr. Europe Pro same weekend in Madrid, but not only.


AliakseyShabunia with the trophies.


And congratulated by Dr. Santonja.


Laroque vs. Shabunia (right).


Djalma Laroque was a very demanding challenger.


Vicente Santamaria with the trophies.


Santamaria vs. Canadillas (right)


Santamaria vs. Hovilainen (right).


Ekaterina Gamagina with the trophies.


Ekaterina Gamagina.


Sigurdardottir vs. Gamagina (right).

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