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Mr Europe Pro & Amateur European Cup (pro qualifier) 2012

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Spain will host for the 3rd time men's open pro show called Mr Europe Pro in the end of April; 18th April. Here is the poster of the event, more detailed information to follow. No competitor list available yet.


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This time the event will include also European Amateur Cup which will be an official pro qualifier! The show will include following categories;

Men's BB

- Up to and including 85 kg

- Over 85 kg

Women's body fitness

- Open category

Pro card for the winner!

For more official information of venue, registration, schedules etc. please visit IFBB.com // Inspection report - http://www.ifbb.com/pdf/2012_European_Cup_Amateur.pdf

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Men's pro line up starts to grow; confirmed athletes:


. Paco Bautista, Spain

. Johnnie Jackson, USA

. Matthias Botthof, Germany

. Carlos Asensio, Spain

. Antonio José Morales, Spain

. Gustavo Badell, Puerto Rico

. Feras Saied, Italy

. Ben White, USA

. Alvin Small, UK

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More information shared about the show in Madrid;


by Andrew Michalak





Spanish capital Madrid has become very active in the area of bodybuilding contests. Hosting the Arnold Classic Europe last autumn, now it will host the next pro and amateur contests this spring.

Palacio de Congressos (The Congress Palace) has been opened to beautiful and muscular bodies last October, when the first out-of America Arnold Classic was staged there. We all had a chance to see how marvelous place for body beauty presentation it was. The next event is coming closer now.

The first Mr. Europe Amateur Cup will include two bodyweight categories:

- Lightweight, up to 85 kg

- Heavyweight, over 85 kg.

The contest is intended for elite bodybuilders and bodyfitness champions from all over the world! Both men’s categories winners will be awarded the IFBB Professional League Pro Cards!” – IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja said.

Then they will run the battle for the overall title.

Similar, women’s bodyfitness open division winner will also be awarded with the IFBB Pro Card!

This is the only opportunity to win the Pro Card so early in the year and then battle with the pros in the upcoming events for Olympia ticket.

The final list of participants has not been closed yet, so National Federations can still nominate their top champions to participate in this extraordinary event and battle for the pro cards.

But there are only three pro cards for distribution and the event has specially been scheduled in this way that if you fail to win the Pro Card you may still participate in the European Men’s or Women’s Championships planned for the first half of May or in the Asian Championships planned for the beginning of June. So, the risk that you will be out of the schedule doesn’t exist. Why not to try?

After this elite amateur event, the pro show will be run in the evening. Over a dozen of top pro bodybuilders from Europe and America will battle for one ticket to 2012 Mr. Olympia and points in the Olympia Qualification Series. According to the new Pro League rules, only the winner of each contest qualifies to Mr. Olympia directly. But the next top four competitors win points, which will be added at the end of the Qualification Series and five bodybuilders with the highest totals will qualify to Mr. Olympia. So, the winner in Madrid will qualify directly and bodybuilders at places from 2nd to 5th will be awarded 4, 3, 2 and 1 point. Top exciting battle!

Organizers of the amazing weekend in Madrid also prepared special attractions for the viewers: one of them will be the guest appearance of the top pro fitness competitor who already qualified to 2012 Fitness Olympia, Regiane Da Silva!

More info about the stars coming to Madrid this April soon. Stay tuned!

Photos below;

In photo 1; Palaco de Congressos in Madrid.

In Photo 2; Palaco de Congressos elegant interior.

In photo 3; Saied Feras of Italy won the previous event on this stage and was awarded the IFBB Pro League Pro Card. Who will be the next Pro Card winner? Here with Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger (left) and IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja (right) who will take care of everything during the upcoming event also.

Photo 4; Spanish bodyfitness diva Raquel Hernandez won the Pro Card on this stage last October. Who will be the next happy winner in April?

Photo 5; This is a dream of top amateur bodybuilders: IFBB Professional League Pro Card. Three of them are waiting for the next winners in Madrid.






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In IFBB newsletter about the Mr Europe Pro event - http://www.ifbb.com/...lish&prov=index


by Andrew Michalak

While the list of athletes for the 2012 Mr. Europe Amateur Cup is still being completed, the names of most pro bodybuilders coming to the 2012 Mr. Europe Pro are already known. The list includes nearly 20 names, mainly from Europe, so European professional bodybuilders have now the possibility to compete and win money awards without expensive trip to America. And this is not the only pro show in Europe available this year. One week before, pro athletes will be able to compete at FIBO Power in Essen (Germany), and in the second half of the year in Lahti (Finland); London (Great Britain) and once again in Madrid, at Arnold Classic Europe. Probably, it is the first time in history, that five big pro bodybuilding shows will be staged in Europe same year.

Looking into the list of pro athletes entering the Mr. Europe Pro in April, we can see a couple of well-known names with long and successful competitive history. If we analyze this list according to the places won in the past shows, the leader is Gustavo Badell (Puerto Rico), 3rd place winner at Mr. Olympia (2004 and 2005) and at Arnold Classic (2005). But he had a three-year break and his comeback at 2012 Arnold Classic was not so impressive (13 place). Badell started his pro career in Europe, taking part at the 1998 German Grand Prix but will turn 40 in November this year, so it would not be so easy for him to improve and return to the condition from his best days.

Then the next three names: Paco Bautista (Spain), Johnnie Jackson and Ben White (both of USA). Bautista, 41, won the 1999 IFBBB World Championships and then turned pro. Won two pro shows in Europe (2006, 2007) and has enough potential to add the third victory but has not been seen on stage since 2010 Mr. Olympia, so his current condition is unknown.

Johnnie Jackson, 41, is the only 2011 Mr. Olympia top fifteen bodybuilder coming to Madrid. Last year he finished 3rd at the British Gran Prix and 4th at FIBO Power and, for sure, will be among the main pretenders to win in Madrid this year.

Ben White, 34, placed in the top three of a couple of shows in the past but 2011 Mr. Olympia and 2012 Arnold Classic was not so successful for him (didn’t place). It’s the next opportunity for him to show his big potentials. He and Johnnie Jackson are known as one of the strongest pro bodybuilders in the world, having good results in powerlifting lifts also.

In the role of challengers we will see some of the newest pros: 2011 Arnold Europe winner Feras Saied (Italy), 2011 Arnold America winner Matthias Botthof (Germany), 2008 IFBB world champion Baitollah Abbaspour (Iran), European Championships bronze medal winner Mirsad Terzo (Bosnia & Herzegovina), former world championships participant and Bollywood movie star Varinder Singh (India), who showed very good muscle quality at the 2012 Grand Prix Australia few weeks ago and... former world champion Sergey Shelestov (Russia), who is more experienced but still looking for his way to be successful with the pros.

Raul Carrasco (Spain) and Lee Powell (Great Britain) are bodybuilders who previously competed in the lightweight, so the open category will not be easy for them.

With all these famous names the 2012 Mr. Europe Pro will be an exciting event and a great day for European professional bodybuilders and their fans. On Saturday, April 28, in Madrid, the name of the next 2012 Mr. Olympia contender will be announced. This is the privilege of the winner but the next four competitors will earn points in the IFBB Pro Olympia Qualification Series, increasing their chance to get a ticket to Las Vegas next September (top five athletes from this Qualification Series will advance to Mr. Olympia).

The next interesting news is that the European professional bodybuilding family will have two new “babies”, as the winners of two amateur classes in Madrid will be awarded with the IFBB Pro Cards. More info soon.

The current list of pro bodybuilders coming to Madrid:

1. Paco Bautista (Spain)

2. Carlos Asensio (Spain)

3. Antonio José Morales (Spain)

4. Raúl Carrasco (Spain)

5. Johnnie Jackson (USA)

6. Matthias Botthof (Germany)

7. Gustavo Badell (Puerto Rico)

8. Feras Saied (Italy)

9. Ben White (USA)

10. Alvin Small (UK)

11. Lee Powell (UK)

12. Luke Timms (Australia)

13. Varinder Singh (India)

14. Mirsad Terzo (Bosnia)

15. Sergey Shelestov (Rusia)

16. Jari Mentula (Finlandia)

17. Baitollah Abbaspour (Iran)

NOTE ** Baitollah Abbaspour**



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by Andrew Michalak

Many top stars will participate at the Mr. Europe Pro in Madrid as we mentioned in one of the previous news but also the IFBB Amateur Cup will be extremely interesting. One of the biggest favourite will be the famous Belarusian super heavyweight champion Aliaksey Shabunia.

Shabunia tried to win the Pro Card several times, sometimes was very close to get it but finally failed. This happened at the 2010 World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan, and at the 2012 Arnold Amateur in Columbus, Ohio. At both events he lost by 2 points only to Dalibor Hajek, Czech Republic. But Hajek is not coming to Madrid, so Shabunia will have open doors and we wish him to be successful this time.

First, we will see Shabunia at FIBO in Essen, Germany, performing in the Olimp Challenge open class during the Saturday Night Gala against so demanding bodybuilders like Paul Poloczek and Stefan Havlik. This meet will take place one week prior to the Madrid Cup.

One of his most demanding rivals in Madrid will be a new Slovak star Peter Kovac who used to win medals at the Slovak Nationals but will debut in the big international event. Kovac, 27, is 172 cm tall and weighs around 100 kg in the contest condition. Shabunia, 35, is 183 cm tall and his bodyweight is around 120 kg at the contest. Real super heavyweight giant! He greatly started his big international career in 2006, winning few Elite Tour shows but then lost nearly 3 years due to two knee surgeries. Now is in his best life condition again.

So, on Saturday, April 28, 2012, the marvelous Congress Palace in Madrid will be the place of the next IFBB great battles!


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Andrew Michalak

The recent week brought a couple of new names to the start list of the 3rd Mr. Europe Pro in Madrid, Spain, to be held on Sunday, April 28th, 2012 in the modern and beautiful Palacio de Congresos.

In the last moment few athletes from the previous list resigned but even more entered the list, which has been increased to 18 bodybuilders now.

The biggest new name is Brandon Curry, who entered the top ten at the 2011 Mr. Olympia and should be considered as a new main pretender to the top trophy. He has wonderful body lines and overall proportions but... at the recent Emerald Cup where he performed as a guest poser, he showed not so sharp definition and this is a chance for the other top pretenders: Johnnie Jackson, Ben White and Michael Kefalianos to challenge him very seriously.

Jackson just won the 2012 FIBO Pro in Essen, Germany, showing a top condition. He was dried, cut-up, with impressive abs-area definition. Curry vs. Jackson will be a top exciting duel! The main question is: will this passing last week be enough for Curry to improve his definition and muscle quality to the champion’s level? Not so easy task, taking into account that he will spend around 20 hours in the exhausting air flights from California to Spain.

Ben White didn’t entered the top six at the 2012 Arnold Classic and for sure is hungry of success. His potentials are enough. At the 2011 Battle of Champions he placed ahead of Johnnie Jackson and at the 2010 Tampa Bay Pro he was the winner, ahead of Johnnie Jackson and Brandon Curry. Why not to copy that scenario in Madrid?

And what about Kefalianos? At FIBO Power he lost only to Johnnie Jackson but showed a quite good shape. Removing a bit of underskin fat he will be in a top condition. He already placed 2nd twice this year and, maybe, his day will come in Madrid? At the 2011 New York Pro he placed ahead of Curry!

So, there is no clear leader. Anyone from among those four top pro bodybuilders has a chance for victory in Madrid. If you want to be the first to know the results of this exciting battle, go and take a seat at the Palacio de Congresos on Saturday evening. Beginning of the pro show at 19:00 (7:00 PM).

Is there anyone else who could jump into to the top three? If any, Sergey Shelestov has the biggest chance. He was third at FIBO Pro, just behind Jackson and Kefalianos and, what is more important, he showed a very good condition. And there is the next big name: Gustavo Badell. His comeback at the 2012 Arnold Classic was not so successful but it was his first contest after three-year break. The next might be better but we need to wait and watch.

Feras Saied, Daniel Toth and Tomas Bures should place in the middle of the line-up.

Anyway, Madrid’s show with 18 bodybuilders in the line-up will be an extremely interesting event.

The final start list of pro bodybuilders coming to Madrid:

1. Carlos Asensio (Spain)

2. Gustavo Badell (Puerto Rico)

3. Steve Benthin (Germany)

4. Matthias Botthof (Germany)

5. Elvis Brown (UK)

6. Tomas Bures (Czech Republic)

7. Brandon Curry (USA)

8. Leonid Istomin (Russia)

9. Johnnie Jackson (USA)

10. Michael Kefalianos (Greece)

11. Jari Mentula (Finlandia)

12. Lee Powell (UK)

13. Feras Saied (Italy)

14. Sergey Shelestov (Russia)

15. Varinder Singh (India)

16. Luke Timms (Australia)

17. Daniel Toth (Hungary)

18. Ben White (USA)



Brandon Curry at the Emerald Cup on April 21st, 2012.


Johnnie Jackson winning the FIBO Pro, April 21st, 2012.


Ben White in 2011.


Michael Kefalianos at FIBO Pro, April 21st, 2012.


Sergey Shelestov at FIBO Pro, April 21st, 2012.


Feras Saied at FIBO Pro, April 21st, 2012.


Daniel Toth at FIBO Pro, April 21st, 2012.

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by Andrew Michalak

Two big international events will be held in the upcoming weekend in Madrid:

- 2012 European Amateur Cup

- The 3rd Mr. Europe Pro

Both events will take place in the famous Palacio de Congresos at Paseo de la Castellana, which was the venue for the 2011 Arnold Classic Europe.

The Amateur Cup will be held on Saturday, April 28th, 2012: Semifinals at 10:00, finals at 15:00. Tickets: €20.

Amateur bodybuilders and bodyfitness athletes will fight for three Pro Cards. The following athletes will compete in two men’s bodybuilding categories:

Up to 85 kg category:

Luc Chabot (Netherlands)

Kimmo Hovilainen (Finland)

Samir Troudi (Sweden)

Difficult to find out a favourite. Samir Troudi won the up to 91 kg class at the 2012 Battle of Scandinavia but lost to Ott Kiivikas at the 2012 Loaded Cup. Kimmo Hovilainen was a “surprisingly large newcomer” at the 2009 Oslo Grand Prix as James Riley wrote in the FLEX magazine but there is no record on his further achievements despite his extraordinary workouts: 60 kg dumbbells bench press of 15 reps and machine supersquat. Luc Chabot placed 2nd in the 80 kg class at the 2012 Loaded Cup, behind Thomas Askeland.

Over 85 kg category:

Peter Kovac (Slovakia)

Boris Prekop (Slovakia)

Aliaksey Shabunia (Belarus)

Miha Zupan (Slovenia)

There is a clear leader in this categpry: Aliaksey Shabunia, 2012 Arnold Amateur super heavyweight runner-up and winner at the 2012 FIBO. 2011 European Championships runner-up (up to 100 kg class) and 2012 Arnold Amateur 3rd place winner Miha Zupan will be a demanding challenger, if in top shape and definition. Both Slovak bodybuilders are not so experienced at the international level.

Bodyfitness open category:

Roxanne Lensveld (Netherlands)

Einhildur Yr Oskarsdottir (Iceland)

Mari Pakkila (Finland)

Cristina Romano (Italy)

Freyja Sigurdardottir (Iceland)


Shabunia: Aliaksey Shabunia at 2012 Arnold Classic.

Zupan: Miha Zupan at the 2012 Arnold Classic.

Pakkila: Mari Pakkila at the 2011 World Championships.

Sigurdardottir: Freya Sigurdardottir at the recent contest.

Hovilainen: Kimmo Hovilainen .

Prekop: Boris Prekop.

Troudi: Samir Troudi at the 2012 Loaded Cup.

Chabot: Luc Chabot at the 2012 Loaded Cup.









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Even though that was mentioned in report, the guy in the photo is not Kimmo Hovilainen. Here one shot of Mr Hovilainen, taken at Fitness Classic held in 14th April.


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Photos from Mr Europe pro athlete meeting & amateur european cup weigh in by Team-andro.com - http://www.team-andro.com/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=1245

Liona & Ms Juliette Bergmann also attending this event..


Mr President..








Sweden's Samir Troudi, who placed 2nd at Loaded Cup (Ott won..)


Shabunya a clear favorite for +85kg class, pro card for sure?


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BB -85kg category ;






Scandiavian representatives - Finland's Kimmo Hovilainen & Sweden's Samir Troudi


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Shortly results from Amateur European cup

BF open class

1. Ekaterina Gamakina *earns pro card*

2. Freya Sigurdardottir

3. Emi Perez

4. Lorena Inarra

5. Susana Martin

6. Cristina Romano


BB -85kg

1. Vicente Santamaria *earns pro card*

2. Manuel C (?)

3. Kimmo Hovilainen

4. Sergio Dufort

5. Samir Troudi

6. Jonathan Reverte


BB +85kg

1. Alex Shabunya *earns pro card*

2. D Da Costa

3. Miha Zupan

4. Fernando Navarro

5. Anselmo Cortado

6. Roberto Castellano


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