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Pullid pildid netist

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Oleks see vaid nii :P
Kusjuures kaks viimast pilti on Lee Priestist, esimene siis off-season ja teine on-season. Off seasonil kaalus ta ~130kg, on-seasonil aga ~100kg. Mees ise 1.63 pikk.

Piltide juurde tagasi tulles: Jay Cutler :P


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Müostatiini geen vist ei blokeeri lihaskasvu. Flex Wheeleril ilmnes sama nähtust kui ma ei eksi.

Eks ta nii ole jah

Flex was a participant in a study we recently conducted in collaboration with the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Pittsburgh involving 62 men who made unusually large gains in muscle mass in response to strength training (extreme responders). Flex was one of only nine extreme responders that had the very rare "myostatin mutation." Myostatin is the gene that "limits muscle growth." Specifically, Flex had the rarest form of myostatin mutation at the "exon 2" position on the gene. This simply means Flex has a much larger number of muscle fibers compared to the other subjects or the normal population. We believe that these are the very first myostatin mutation findings in humans and the results of this landmark study have already been submitted for publication. Flex was also found to have a very unusual type of the IGF-1 gene. In fact, Flex was the only participant in the study that did not have a "match." All of the other extreme responders had at least three other subjects with a matching IGF-1 gene. Based upon Flex's very unique genetic profile, we plan to expeditiously publish a scientific paper that reveals his complete genotype in specific detail. The publication of his remarkable genetic data should generate an enormous amount of media exposure.

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