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    Läinud nädalal käisime trennis eelmine aasta väga eduka esimese võistlushooaja teinud Ats Lahiga. Milline näeb välja tema õlatreening ning kuidas tema jõusaaliteekond alguse sai, seda näete juba tänasest videost. Head vaatamist!
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    Why is this such a persistent myth? I think it comes down to some basic misunderstandings about pH, the most obvious of which is that pH is measured on a logarithmic scale. To affect digestion in anything more than a minor way, you would need to change pH by at least 2 points, which means you need to increase the volume of your gastric solution 100-fold. This is impossible, even for the most determined person. Even a modest single point change in pH would require increasing gastric solution volume ten times, which is more-or-less impossible. The only way you can change gastric pH significantly is by adding something to neutralize the acid, as in a source of OH- like calcium carbonate or magnesium hydroxide. The most common way people cite for even minor changes affecting digestive power is the enzyme pepsin. Pepsin has maximum power when pH is 2.0, and tapers off equally when pH either increases or decreases. This means that the “undiluted” stomach pH of 1.8 actually makes pepsin less efficient than when pH has been increased to 2.1 by a liter of water. Of course, the relative change in pepsin activity is incredibly minor at both 1.8 and 2.1, and only when pH climbs above 4.0 (or below 1.0) does activity start to be significantly impeded. In fact, pepsin retains 90% of its power all the way through a pH of at least 2.5, and is still quite potent up to a pH of 4.0. In other words: you can’t affect pepsin activity by drinking water. So the next time someone warns you that drinking water with a meal could dilute your stomach acid, let them know you’ll be okay because you plan on drinking only a couple cups of water, not the 25 gallons it would take to significantly impede your digestion. I’m sure they’ll be glad to hear it. http://eatrational.com/truth/2015/03/does-drinking-water-with-a-meal-dilute-stomach-acid/
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