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World Fitness Championships 2018

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Running order: https://www.eastlabs.ru/ifbb-efbb-fbfr/3040/2018-chempionat-mira-po-fitnesu-belostok-polsha-raspisanie


Eesti koondis:

Kai Tammsaar - Bikiinifitness -158cm

Arida Muru - Bikiinfitness -160cm

Alice Heinmets - Bikiinifitness -162cm

Grete Sügis - Bikiinifitness -166cm

Maren Mändmaa - Bikiinifitness -169cm

Agne Kiviselg - Bikiinifitness -169cm

Julia Tzisova - Bikiinifitness -169cm

Liis Marian Toomse - Bikiinifitness -169cm

Maren Mändmaa - Bikiinifitness -169cm

Jana Teder - Bikiinifitness -172cm

Kirke Kirt - Bikiinifitness +172cm

Mari Pukk - Bikiinifitness +172cm


Õnnela Raudsepp - Wellness +163cm

Endla Vaher - Fitness +163cm


Ats Lahi - Rannafitness -182cm

Nikita Dvorkin - Rannafitness +182cm


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