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  1. Physique Olympia contender Dani Reardon training back 1 week out //
  2. I see you guys there! Nordic Pro competitor lists at the moment (lots of more to come yet contracts are done) Bodybuilding William Bonac, Hollanti Justin Compton, USA Brandon Curry, USA Bradley Rowe, USA Abdelaziz Jellali, Qatar Alexander Fedorov, Russia Sandro Hofer, Switzerland Tomas Kaspar, Czech Republic Pro Bikini Sara Back, Finland Jaana Malytcheva, Finland Margret Gnarr, Iceland Egle Eller-Nabi, Estonia Maria Aranguren Compadre, Spain Valentina Esteban, Canada Madelen Myhr, Sweden
  3. More categories added for masters men's physique // http://www.ifbb.com/2016/07/hot-news-more-master-mens-physique-categories/4 Good information for Master Men’s Physique competitors: IFBB decided to introduce more masters categories: Master Men’s Physique 40-44 years old Master Men’s Physique 45-49 years old Master Men’s Physique over 50 years old Men’s Physique growing popularity was a decisive factor in this case. Following 4 Men’s Physique categories IFBB introduced Junior Men’s Physique with 3 categories and now it’s time to develop the opposite side of this division: masters block. This move creates the possibility to compete for wide group of masters competitors worldwide. These new categories will be inaugurated at the 2016 IFBB World Juniors and Masters Championships to be held in December in the Dominican Republic, so masters have enough time to prepare their peak conditions.
  4. New year , new trics! IFBB pro contest calendar is out and one can find it at http://www.ifbbpro.com/wp-content/uploads/image/2016/calendar/calendar.pdf Even though the season starts already in February, the sights are already at the Arnold Classic. As reported earlier, the invite list is out! http://musculardevel...ml#.VnhFtb8QtqB 2016 Arnold Classic (13) Fouad Abiad Evan Centopani Maxx Charles Justin Compton Tony Freeman Kai Greene Johnnie Jackson Josh Lenartowicz Cedric McMillan Cody Montgomery Juan Morel Branch Warren Lukas Wyler 2016 Arnold Classic 212 (8) Charles Dixon Guy Cisternino David Henry Kyung Won Kang Cory Mathews Angel Manual Rangel Vargas Jose Raymond Hidetada Yamagishi 2016 Fitness International (12) Michelle Blank Myriam Capes Regiane da Silva Giorgia Foroni Ryall Graber Oksana Grishina Tanji Johnson Whitney Jones Piia Pajunen Ashley Sebera Missy Terwilliger Bethany Cisternino Wagner 2016 Figure International (14) Andrea Calhoun Heather Dees Amanda Doherty Janaina Ferreira da Silva Allison Frahn Cydney Gillon Candice Keene Candice Lewis-Carter Julie Mayer Tina Nguyen Adela Ondrejovicova Camala Rodriquez McClure Gennifer Strobo Latorya Watts 2016 Bikini International (13) Narmin Assria Sara Back Margret Gnarr Christina Fjaere Adriana Hill Janet Layug Brandy Leaver Courtney King Stephanie Mahoe Justine Munro India Paulino Michelle Sylvia Angelica Teixeira 2016 Arnold Physique Classic (44) William Anin Duane Brickhouse Anthony Brigman George Brown Stanislas DeLongeaux Chad Demchik Michael Dougherty Raymont Edmonds Chris Ellis Michael Ferguson Darnell Ferguson Andre Ferguson Timothy Feuling Cameron Gardner Xavisus Gayden Robert Giles Frank Griffin Sean Harley Shannon Haynes Brandon Hendrickson Michael Johnson Chris Johnson Andre Johnson Brett Kahn David Kampfe Joseph Lee Eren Legend Jacques Lewis Tone Martin T.A. Martin Chris Mosher Darnell Moss Freddy Naidu Nick Olsen Tonnell Rodrigue Ani Saliasi Willie Spencer Ryan Terry Shannon Thomas Javier Antonio Tirado Marco Achille Gandolfi Vannini Derrick Wade Antoine Williamson Matthew Wold 2016 Arnold Physique Classic (67) Jacklyn Abram Alicia Alfaro Mesa Olga Beliakova Star Blaylock Ladrissa Bonivel Roshanna Boswell Andrea Boudreaux Tara Brandt Benincia Bueno Lopez Billie Cavalier Margarita Charaim Valentina Cheptiga Robin Connell Jill Dearmin Angela Debatin Claudia Gabriela de Leon Pardo Kristina Dybdahl Farnsworth Kim Floyd Paula Frega Sherri Gray Lenore Gregson Tannaz Halekzadeh Lisette Halpin Acevedo Jennifer Hernandez Tracy Hess Tonya Hooker Monica Hornback Melanie Horton Leah Johnson Candrea Judd Adams Anne Marie Kam Erika Kikuchi Alisa LaMay Klaudia Larson Carrie Lawyer Dolly Lazarre Zoa Linsey Jehina Malik Jody May Donna McGinn Tara Mitchell Teresita Morales Geraldine Morgan Kira Neuman Akane Nigro Ismeal Mindi O’Brien Minna Pajulahti Jennifer Palazzo Ester Parisi Paloma Parra Toni Perdikakas Dona Pohl Danielle Reardon Lisa Marie Sanders Ida Sefland Susan Marie Smith Mikaila Soto Alicia Spearman Autumn Swansen Mascha Tieken Nola Trimble Tamee Marie Uphoff Gillian Ward Tracy Weller Toni West Marnee Winn Shelly Yakimchuk And the athlete updates are on .... Charles Dion training delts and hamstrings 9 weeks out: The new comer in pro circus Cody Montgomery updates //
  5. And the scorecards from the weekend's other pro shows, with no media coverage
  6. McCarver's post show interview by MD.com //
  7. Dallas McCarver (BB open), Jasqueline Fuchs and Lacey DeLuca (bikini) celebrated on the 2nd day at Chicago show. Scorecards with complete results available at http://www.ifbbpro.com/results/2016-wings-of-strength-chicago-pro-scorecards/7 More photos at MD galleries at http://musculardevelopment.com/contests/events/view/1950.html#.V3ie0qLdmls/ Men's open BB: 1. Dallas McCarver 2. Michael Lockett 3. Brandon Curry 4. Johnnie Jacckson 5. Sasan Heirati BB first call out: Lockett (2.) - McCarver (1.) - Curry (3.) (photos by MD forums) Bikini TOP 5, winner Lacey DeLuca in the middle. TOP 3 from the left A Rodriguez (3.) - Vicki Counts (2.) - Lacey DeLuca (1.) Fuchs takes top honors in FBB...
  8. Bikini, FBB and men's open BB will be up today! MCcarver 1 day out
  9. And Chicago show's 1st day results with scores available at http://npcnewsonline.com/2016-ifbb-wings-of-strength-chicago-pro-official-score-cards/285788/ Photos to be uploaded at http://www.musculardevelopment.com/contests/events/1950-wings-of-strength-chicago-pro-2016#.V3d26DVDKwI Division winners and O qualified athletes: -212: Mark Dugdale Figure: Sara Ard Fitness: Fiona Harris Classic physique: Darrem Charles MP: Mike Balan WPD: Jamie Pinder Wrap up by MD.com // TOP 3 in -212, Marian Cambal taking the runner up spot! (by MD forums) Classic physique TOP 3 comparison // Mitchell (3.) - Chandetka (2.) - Charles (1.) Figure TOP 7, winner Sara Ard in the middle, runner up placer Bojana Vasiljevic next to her on the left. Men's physique TOP 5 comparison // winner Mike Balan in the middle in yellow, on the left side of him 3rd placer Weatherspoon and on the right side of the champ, runner up Tristan Murray. TOP 5 in fitness physique round, winner Fiona Harris in the middle. NOTE: Alevtyna Titarenko (2nd from the left) who dominated amateur ranks for long, takes 3rd place!
  10. Flex Lewis guest posing as well during the weekend // http://contests.npcnewsonline.com/contests/2016/npc_garden_state_championships/
  11. WPD athlete Dani Reardon training arms 12 before the O // Island´s bikini pro athlete Margret Gnarr showing where she stands 12 weeks out from the Olympia stage // McCarver 7 days prior his next show //
  12. In 2016 Ben Weider Legacy Cup will be held in Finland, as a part of the Nordic Fitness Expo, at 8th - 9th October. Over all winners in men's BB, WPD and men's physique classes will be awarded with the IFBB pro card. There will be also CBB classes but at this point in is not sure yet if the over all winner can turn pro in this new classic physique - pro category. Men's BB is scheduled for Saturday at the main stage, other classes on Sunday at Expo stage.
  13. A reminder of this upcoming event at IFBB.com //
  14. No coverage from Grater Gulf or South Carolina shows but the scorecards available at IFBBpro.com // South Carolina Grand Prix pro: Greater Gulf Pro //
  15. And the results from the pro events of this weekend Dexter Jackson Classic Women's pro figure TOP 5 1. Vera Mallett 2. Megan Olson 3. Krista Dunn 4. Cassandra Carpenter 5. Sara Ard More photos and all the results available at http://contests.npcnewsonline.com/contests/2016/ifbb_dexter_jackson_memphis_classic/ Men's classic physique TOP 5 1. Darrem Charles 2. Ko Chandetka 3. Danny Hester 4. William Gregory 5. Rick Canamar All the photos and results you can find at http://contests.npcnewsonline.com/contests/2016/ifbb_dexter_jackson_memphis_classic/
  16. http://www.ifbb.com/2016/06/santo-domingo-dominican-rep-will-host-2016-world-junior-master-championships/
  17. And the results from the world championships of children's fitness // http://www.ifbb.com/2016/06/2016-ifbb-world-children-fitnss-championships/ The 7th edition of this important event, where we can watch our future champions, was held in Novi Sad, Serbia, promoted for the 5th consecutive year by the Sipka family. It can be said that Novi Sad has become a world capital of Children Fitness! The number of countries was at the same level as in previous years – 11, but the number of competitors jumped to 128. The battle in each category was tough, with top children presenting an equal quality and skills. The champions: Girls 14-15 years old: Regina BENKO (Hungary). Girls 12-13 years old: Nelli NOVODOMSKA (Slovakia). Girls 10-11 years old:: Anna MIELNIKOVA (Ukraine). Girls 8-9 years old: Dariia KORNIIENKO (Ukraine). Girls up to 7 years old: Katarina KUZMOVA (Slovakia). Boys up to 12 years old: Ivan PRIVALOV (Russia). Boys 13-15 years old: Dobrynya EVTUKHOV (Russia).
  18. Complete results from the Europa Dallas show // http://www.ifbbpro.com/results/2016-europa-dallas-scorecards/ Class winners: Men's physique: Felipe Franco WPD: Rosanna Harte Figure: Sarah Sweeney Men's BB -212: Vojtech Koritensky Not that much coverage due the NPC junior nationals scheduled for the same weekend but comparison vid of men's 212 available, thanks to MD Lationo //
  19. David Henry guest posing during the weekend //