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Arnold Classic Europe 2014 / amateur & pro - Kristina Nuut 1 ja Egle Eller -Nabi 2!

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Next 26 - 28 of September the fourth edition of this event, which in it's program includes an IFBB competition with all official categories, will take place in Madrid.

This year, for the best convenience of spectators and athletes, the amateur event will be held at two large main stages, at the magnificent Glass Palace exhibition center, with two IFBB logistics technical teams operating at the same time, independently.The Arnold weekend will also feature over twenty Olympic and non Olympic sports, plus a great Pro event.

For the official Inspection Report, please click on the following LINK.

You can find all relative information regarding this event at the official website www.arnoldclassiceurope.com

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Known from the Scandinavian scenes, Samir Troudi starting his season at the AC amateur as well, here some 8 weeks out material //


Runner up at the 2014 amateur Olympia SHW Petar Klancir 9 weeks out //


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A reminder of this event at IFBB news release today //

26 - 28 September 2014 - Madrid, Spain


The biggest date for European Bodybuilding and Fitness is approaching fast. Once again, Madrid will host this fourth edition of the event "Arnold Classic Europe", featuring an amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness competition including all the official IFBB categories.

For all the necessary information and documentation regarding this amateur competition, please consult the links bellow:
For more information about this amazing multi-sport festival, visit its official website www.arnoldclasiceurope.com

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26 - 28 of September - Madrid, Spain

Ryan Terry (UK) - won Arnold Classic Europe 2013 Overall Men's Physique Champion. Video of the Men's Physique Overall category above.
Due to the great popularity and overwhelming demand, there will be new Men's Physique classes added at this year edition of the prestigious Arnold Classic Europe event. There will be a total of 6 categories, which are as follows:
  • upto & incl. 172 cm
  • upto & incl. 175 cm
  • upto & incl. 178 cm
  • upto & incl. 181 cm
  • upto & incl. 184 cm
  • over 184 cm

For a full Inspection Report for the 2014 edition of the Arnold Classic Europe event, please visit this LINK.

For the all the latest information regarding ACE 2014, visit the official website www.arnoldclassiceurope.com

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Swedish team attending the ACE amateur published at http://www.skkf.org/?file=newsView.aspx&newsId=645

Finnish BB athlete Kille Kujala leg work out 6 weeks out (starts at 13:18) //

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See kodanik Klancir oli lives ka päris suur - mehel vanust 24 aastat.... :o

Mis muud öelda, hea geneetika.

Mõni tegeleb alaga 10 ja rohkem aastaid, kuid geneetika veab alt.

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Venemaa koondis

  1. Khotkina Yulia Bikini 160cm
  2. Ramanenka Katsiaryna Bikini 160cm
  3. Artemova Oksana Bikini 163cm
  4. Sergeeva Tamara Bikini 163cm
  5. Radzhabova Ekaterina Bikini 166cm
  6. Blokhina Olga Bikini 166cm
  7. Ignatova Maria Bikini 169cm
  8. Moshkina Nelli Bikini 172cm
  9. Moroz Liana Bikini over 172cm
  10. Dobyko Alena Bikini 172cm
  11. Komoza Victoria Bikini 172cm
  12. Zholudeva Daria Bikini 172cm
  13. Korchaka Olga Bikini 172cm
  14. Sheveleva Kseniia Bikini over 172cm
  15. Beliaeva Svetlana Bikini over 172cm
  16. Uluch Evgeniya Bikini over 172cm
  17. Volkova Natalia Bikini over 35
  18. Minina Larisa Bodyfitness 158cm
  19. Baranova Yulia Bodyfitness 158cm & bodyfitness over 35 years
  20. Nikolaeva Iaroslava Bodyfitness 163cm
  21. Topoleva Irina`Bodyfitness 163cm & bodyfitness over 35 years
  22. Moroz Anna Bodyfitness 168cm
  23. Shestoperova Olga Bodyfitness over 168cm
  24. Dudushkina Anna Women's fitness 163cm
  25. Dvortsova Tatiana Women's fitness over 163cm
  26. Lenkina Yulia Women's physique up 163cm
  27. Bogrunova Olga Women's physique over 163cm
  28. Ryzhikova Natalia Women's physique over 35 years
  29. Vtyurina Natalia Women's physique over 35 years
  30. Zhavora Natalya Women's physique over 35 years
  31. Valeev Vitalii Classic BB 175cm
  32. Gemzin Evgeny Classic BB over 175cm
  33. Khalepo Sergei Classic BB over 180cm
  34. Leinvald Juri Classic BB over 180cm
  35. Mushtanov Anton Men's fitness
  36. Nekrasov Konstantin Men's fitness
  37. Kostyrin Dmitrii Junior men BB
  38. Vorotyntsev Dmitrii Junior men BB
  39. Tcabut Yan Men's physique 174cm
  40. Vagin Georgii Men's physique 178cm
  41. Cherkashin Andrey Men's physique 178cm
  42. Sahharnoi Mark Men's physique over 178cm
  43. Ponomarev Denis Men's physique over 178cm
  44. Golichkov Sergey Men's BB 75kg
  45. Tikhonov Andrei Men's BB 75kg
  46. Kagramanian Ashot Men's BB 85kg
  47. Goroshko Ilia Men's BB 85kg
  48. Kolyasnikov Aleksandr Men's BB 90kg
  49. Borisov Vladimir Men's BB 90kg
  50. Kochetkov Ivan Men's BB 95kg
  51. Vinogradov Vladimir Men's BB 100kg
  52. Borsan Aliaksandr Men's BB 100kg
  53. Kartashev Arkadii Men's BB 100kg
  54. Krylov Dmitrii Men's BB over 100kg
  55. Fateev Vitaly Men's BB over 100kg
  56. Zebald Sergey Men's BB over 100kg
  57. Surovtsev Ivan Masters men 40-49 over 90kg
  58. Stepanov Igor Masters men 40-49 over 90kg
  59. Novikov Iurii Masters men 50-59
  60. Bardin Alexander Masters men 50-59
  61. Aleksejev Aleksandr Masters men 50-59

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And the German team introduced at Team-andro.com // http://www.team-andro.com/phpBB3/beitrag6760115.html#p6760115

Melissa Geimer, u.a. Vize-Weltmeisterin 2012, in der Klasse Bodyfitness up to 168cm

Alexandra Hipwell, die 2013 in ihrer ersten Saison in Deutschland direkt den Gesamtsieg auf der Internationalen Deutschen Meisterschaft holen konnte, in der Klasse Bodyfitness over 172cm

Mike Sommerfeld, der sich mit seiner tollen Linie und überragenden Präsentation in seiner ersten Saison den Gesamtsieg Junioren auf der Deutschen Meisterschaft 2013 sicherte, in der Klasse Junior Men Bodybuilding

Dennis Arnold, ESN-Athlet und Vize-Europameist Klasse Junior Men Bodybuilding

Sandra Griffin, Deutsch-Amerikanerin und erfolgreiche Women's Physique-Athletin, in der Klasse Women Physique up to 163cm

Daniela Pfeiffer, die nach ihrem Wechsel aus der Figurklasse nun auch in der Women's Physique auf Titeljagd gehen will, in der Klasse Women Physique over 163cm

Sebastian Mansla, bekanntes Fitness-Model und 2012 Deutscher Vizemeister der GNBF, in der Klasse Men's Physique up to 172cm

Mario Klintworth, Internationaler Deutscher Meister 2013, in der Klasse Men's Physique up to 178cm

Johannes Falke, der bereits im Frühjahr im EM-Team des DBFV vertreten war, in er Klasse Men's Physique up to 178cm

Alexis Kauth, in seiner ersten Saison, in der Klasse Men's Physique up to 181cm

Tyrone Sontowski, erfolgreicher Newcomer, in der Klasse Men's Physique up to 184cm

Harry Irorutola, All-Stars Fitnessathlet, in der Klasse Men's Physique over 184cm

Markus Hoppe, der sich endlich seine Pro Card holen möchte, in der Klasse Men's Bodybuilding over 100kg

Ali Jalal, der bereits 2013 den DBFV bei der WM vertrat, in der Klasse Master Men's Bodybuilding up to 80kg

See more at http://www.team-andro.com/phpBB3/beitrag6760115.html#p6760115

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Ja ikka ja jälle tuleb tunnistada, et osad Menś Physique võistlejad on juba päris klassikalise kulturisti mõõtu. :ph34r:

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Bikini preview by IFBB.com // http://www.ifbb.com/arnold-classic-europe-2014-stars-coming-to-madrid-bikini

by Andrew Michalak

We begin to publish a series of sport analysis prior to the 2014 Arnold Classic Europe. Most of National Federations have already sent their Final Entry Forms, so we can look into each discipline and each category to see who will play the key role in the upcoming battle. Some countries will send their nominations a bit later, among them Spain, which, for sure, will enter a big and powerful team but their competitors will come directly to the registration on Thursday. Last year the Spanish Team had 152 competitors, so we can expect something like this or even more this year. Up till now (Sept. 16) the biggest team is the Italian Team, with 68 athletes. Russia in on the same level (66 athletes), then France (42 athletes), United Kingdom (39 athletes), Hungary (29 athletes) and Germany (21 athletes).What is new, much bigger teams from smaller countries like Czech Republic, Kuwait, Norway, Portugal or South Africa. Among new countries we can see Dominican Republic, Iraq, Moldova, Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago.

We will start our predictions with the most popular IFBB sport nowadays: women’s bikini fitness. There will be six bikini fitness categories as follows:
Up to 160 cm
This is a category with one great leader: Romina Basualdo of Argentina, who won two big events in the spring season: Arnold Classic USA (where she won over 54 other girls!) then the first Amateur Olympia Latin America and placed 2nd in overall at both contests. The most serious challengers will be: the British star Nikki Jenkins – finalist of the 2013 Worlds, 2014 Arnold USA and 2014 European Championships as well as 2013 Worlds finalists Lizelle Horn (South Africa). Russian star Olga Blokhina finished 3rd at the 2014 Eastern European Cup but in 163 cm class. Now she has been entered in this category.
Up to 163 cm
Former great star Oksana Artemova (Russia) returned after a break and returned to her marvelous body condition, taking the 2nd place at the 2014 Arnold USA, where she was tied with the winner Shelagh Paton 8:8, so we can expect that Oksana will show top condition and her natural charm once again, being a favourite in this long category. Then the last year 3rd place winner Agnes Sebestyen (Hungary), and a new star, 4th place winner at the 2014 Amateur Olympia Europe, Marija Naceva (Macedonia). And many semifinalists of the recent top international contests like Lone Norås (Norway), Adenike Endtova (Czech Republic) or Hanna Garbos (Poland).
Up to 166 cm
Winning the 2nd place at the World Ladies Cup in Kiev, Svetlana Lenivtseva (Moldova) is the main pretender to victory in Madrid. She will be pressed by competitors from the top 10 at various recent events: Elvira Cara (Moldova), Frida Sjöström (Sweden) and Ekaterina Radzhabova (Russia). And what about recently crowned Trinidad & Tobago National Championships overall winner Vanessa Hill? She was called “A born winner” after the contests…
Up to 169 cm
This category is packed with great stars: top three from the last year’s European Championships: Olga Viazmetinova (Ukraine), Karina Skowrowska (United Kingdom) and Reet Reimets (Estonia) plus 5th place winner Egle Eller-Nabi (Estonia) and Eastern European Cup runner-up Maria Ignatova (Russia). Who will win? Viazmetinova has the best contest history, having a great series of victories this year: World Ladies Cup in Kiev, European Championships in Santa Susanna and Amateur Olympia in Prague. Will anybody stop her?
Up to 172 cm

Interesting return duel between 2013 ACE 3rd and 4th winners: Gabriella Rákóczi (Hungary) and Victoria Komoza (Russia) plus top two from the 2014 Eastern European Cup: Nelli Moshkina and Daria Zholudeva (both of Russia) and finalist of the 2014 World Ladies Cup Kristina Nuut (Estonia). Will the Siberian champion and former dancer, Moshkina, be ready to challenge the top two? Or, maybe, a new rising Estonian star Kristina Nuut?

Over 172 cm

Will the sensational winner of the 2014 Arnold USA Liana Moroz (Russia) continue her series of victories? Who can stop her? Her team-mate and 2014 World Ladies Cup winner Kseniia Sheveleva? Or the next Russian: 2014 Eastern European Cup 3rd place winner Evgeniya Uluch (Russia)? 2014 Amateur Olympia Europe 3rd place winner Olivia Pohankova (Slovakia) last year’s ACE 3rd place winner Kathrin Hollmann (Germany) or new Bulgarian star Biliana Yotovska?

Oksana Artemova, Russia


Biliana Yotovska, Bulgaria


Olga Viazmetinova, Ukraine


Karina Skowrowska, UK


Olivia Pohankova, Slovakia


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Piotr Borecki 8 days out from ACE amateur //

Austrian team //

Andrijana Dabic - women's physique up to 163 cm
Hannes Tallian – CBB over 180 cm
Manuel Plachner – CBB up to and incl. 180 cm
Manuel Schraml – CBB up to and incl. 180 cm
Dr. Wolfgang Schober – masters BB over 50 years
Mag Harald Schober – BB up to 95 kg
Ruth Hernach – WPD up to 163 cm
Rene Kenda – BB up to and incl. 70kg
Stefan Huber – BB up to and incl. 75kg
Christian Lechner – MP up to and incl. 174 cm

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