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IFBB EC 2014 REPORTAAŽ: Võidukalt kodus!

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Taking place from Wednesday 10th to Sunday 18th of May, the European Bodybuilding, Fitness and Juniors & Masters Championships, as well as the European Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Congress will be held in Santa Susanna, Spain.

Located in the Spanish Mediterranean and internationally known as the capital of Fitness, Santa Susanna will once again host a major IFBB event. It is a very popular host city among Bodybuilding and Fitness athletes, while it's great climate and weather, as well as it's excellent hotel and tourist facilities make Santa Susanna a very enjoyable destination.

The Spanish Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, led by President Jose Ramos and the Santa Susanna City Hall, with it's Mayor Joan Campolier, IFBB Patron, are working in close cooperation with the EBFF to break the event's record from 2012 of 600 attending athletes from 34 countries.

More information and a complete Inspection Report coming soon to www.ifbb.com


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The upcoming Europeans in the focus at the EBFF executive council meeting;

The European Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Executive board met in in Seville, Spain this weekend with an intense agenda of activities, including, among other important decisions, the approval of the European Championships program. The European Championships for Men's, Fitness and the European Juniors and Masters Championships will take place in Santa Susanna, Spain, from the 14th-19th of May, in a 5 day program with an expected participation of 600-700 athletes and officials from 40 European countries.The European Federation Congress is scheduled for Saturday, May 17th morning.

Among other improvements, the weigh-in will be throughout Wednesday, with individual countries arriving, which will significantly speed up the procedure.Parade of Nations is scheduled for the Saturday evening program with only the officials appearing. A new masters Bikini category is also included.

Being 3 separate Championships, there will be 3 separate best team awards.


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Some new information concerning the IFBB Europeans from the EBBF meeting held in Sevilla;


The main topic was the organization of the 2014 European Championships. Usually, three or two separate continental championships were staged in different places but this year, first time in the EBFF history, all three continental championships will be held as a one continuous event. “The World Capital of Fitness” Santa Susanna was approved as the host city. Spanish Federation’svery experienced team of organizers, with its President Jose Ramos, supported by the city authorities, with Mayor Joan Campolier, and traditional Spanish hospitality guarantee that these combined Championships will be prepared and run professionally, according to the highest IFBB standards.Anyway, this new situation created new problems, which should be studied and solved in a different way than previously.

First, the registration. More than 600 athletes are expected, so EBB decided to run the registration in a similar manner as at the Arnold Classic: the whole arrival day (Wednesday) will be devoted to registration and it will be done country by country, according to their arrival time, not category by category as it was practiced in the past and required all national teams to be in the hotel. Overweight competitors will have 60 minutes to drop their bodyweight below the upper limit for their categories. To speed up the registration, EBFF urges all National Federations to do all necessary payments in advance, via Pay-Pal system. All those, who don’t pay in advance, will have to pay EUR 20 more per person.

Then the order of competition and other details:

- Categories with weight/height limits or bodyweight categories will be run first, on Thursday and Friday.

- Women’s categories and men’s / juniors fitness will be run later, on Saturday and Sunday.

- EBFF Electoral Congress will be held Saturday morning.

- The best teams classification will be done for three Championships separately: European Bodybuilding Championships, European Fitness Championships and European Juniors & Masters Championships.

- Competitors will receive places from 1st to 15th in all categories (with full semifinals). The concept of scoring athletes in the finals only (top six) tested at the 2013 Arnold Europe will not be applied in the future official events.

- Competitors may participate in more than one age divisions, i.e. juniors and masters can start in women’s and men’s divisions; however they will be obliged to pay additional EUR 100 participation fee per category.

- Athletes will not take part in the Parade of Nations. Due to the problems with warming-up and not enough place on stage (40 countries expected), only one official per country and a volunteer with the flag will participate in the Parade of Nations.

- In 2014 one new category will be run at the European Fitness Championships: Masters Women Bikini Fitness age over 35 as one open class. Depending on the popularity of this category, it will be expanded at the continental level or even advanced to the World Fitness Championships.

- There will be 2 Junior Women’s Bikini Fitness categories: u to 163 cm and over 163 cm
More details will be provided in the Inspection Report to be published soon.

- See more at: http://ebff.es/?p=4984#sthash.y5Ei23J1.dpuf

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Swedish teen division over all winner Fredrik Jönsson starts his prep;

Today I started My diet prep for The junior european Championship in spain.


Sizeandsymmetry Europe shares;

SIZEANDSYMMETRY Athletes Fredrik Jönsson, Tomas Horak, Artem Galkin and Vladimir Iacovlev will compete at the IFBB European Fitness & Bodybuilding Championship 2014 in Santa Susanna/Spain, May 14-18 2014

Horak starts his prep after his impressive fall season 2013 - 6th at the IFBB CBB world championships..


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The inspection report is now available for more information about the venue, categories, tentative schedules...


The EUROPEAN BODYBUILDING AND FITNESS FEDERATION (EBFF), Santa Susanna City Hall and the Tourist Foundation of Santa Susanna extend a warm welcome to all EBFF National Federations to participate in the EBFF European Bodybuilding, Fitness and Juniors & Masters Championships and EBFF Congress, in Santa Susanna, Spain, which will include the following disciplines: Men’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Classic Bodybuilding, Women’s and Men’s Fitness, Body-Fitness, Bikini-Fitness, Men’s and Women’s Physique, Mixed Pairs and Men’s Wheelchair Bodybuilding.
Santa Susanna is a popular touristic resort, located at the Mediterranean cost of Catalonia (Spain).Santa Susanna, as an international tourist centre, has gained a renowned reputation in the field of promotion, management and implementation of international sports and cultural events. It has been the successful venue site of 6 consecutive World Women championships (2003-2008) and numerous other European and World
Championships and is known as THE CAPITAL OF FITNESS.

Santa Susanna is located in the centre of the Maresme coast, on a quiet spot surrounded by a splendid garden, at the foot of Montnegre’s hill. It is easily accessible through the N-II road, C32 motorway, and train. As well, it is close to Gerona and Barcelona airports - an easy reach from any arrival or departure point. It is located between the sea and the mountain and here we can find a new holiday place with the possibility to stay at comfortable hotels, apartments or campsites. Surrounded by the greenness of its mountains and the blue of its waters, Santa Susanna has become an important holiday centre.


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Finland had the Europeans qualifier during the weekend. Team Finland in Santa Susanna will be:

Johanna Hermans (Bikini Fitness – 158 cm)


Tua Wikholm (Bikini Fitness – 168 cm)


Emmi Mäenpää (Bikini Fitness + 168 cm)


Tiina Vaskelainen (Body Fitness – 163 cm)


Laura Kivari (Body Fitness – 168 cm)


Minna Holappa (Body Fitness + 168 cm)


Emilia Miinalainen (Body Fitness juniors, up to and incl. 163cm)


Pauliina Räsänen (Body Fitness juniors, over 163cm)


Milla Kelahaara (Bikini Fitness juniors)


Jeve Ojala (Classic BB juniors, on the right in photo)


Jaani Inkinen (Men's physique)


Maaret Nousiainen (Body fitness masters 35)


Laura Simola (Body fitness masters 45)

Essi Sarja (Fitness)

Oona Ylitolonen (Fitness juniors)
Hanna-Mari Kärkkäinen (Women’s Physique)
Henri Vaarala (CBB)
Tommi Heinonen (BB masters 40 +90 kg)
Tommi Kaukinen (BB masters 40 – 80 kg)
Jari Laine (BB masters 50 – 80 kg)
Voitto Suosaari (CBB Masters 40)
Timo Kiviniemi (CBB Masters 50)

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Many of the TOP Slovakian women competed during the weekend at the IFBB Slovakian nationals. See the show coverage on Eastlabs.sk. The complete Slovakian team will be announced after the Mozolani Classic, but we are expecting to see at least these girls on the stage in Spain // photos by Eastlabs.sk (taken during the weekend)

Sabrina Plevakova (nr. 85)




Denisa Lipovska (nr. 103)



Veronika Gulasova (nr. 119)



Barbora Seckarova (fitness, nr. 7)



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The following athletes will represent Sweden at the IFBB Europeans - must be their biggest team ever with nearly 30 athletes // http://www.skkf.org/?articleId=243〈=SE

Carina Isaksson, BF masters

Maria Eriksson, BF masters

Josef Ahmad, BB juniors

Fredrik Jönsson, BB juniors

Marina Chamoun, BF +168cm

Pontus Koskelainen, MP -178cm

Leif Renling, BB masters +60

Jan Kempe, BB masters +60

Conny Hilmersson, CBB masters +50

Frida Sjöström, BF -168cm

Semiran Dag, WP

Nico Lundholm, BB masters +65

Madelene Myhr, bikini +163cm

Patrik Larsson, CBB -180cm

Chris Harnell, CBB +180cm

Rabi Fahkro, BB -95kg

Evalinda Aarvaag, BF masters

Deme Laszlo, BB -80kg

Roger Lineau, CBB masters +40

Robert Berg, CBB -180cm

Jonas Ahmad, MP juniors -178

Evelin Grzegorczyk, BF juniors -163cm

Veronica Kapica, bikini -163cm

Antonia Pesevski, BF juniors -163cm

Kittie Dehn Rosengren, bikini +172cm

Frida Bålefalk, BF +168cm

Fredrik Spång, BB masters -80, 40-49

Most of these athletes competed at IFBB Sweden Grand Prix during the weekend only 3 weeks out from the Europeans, more photos available HERE.

Pontus Koskelainen, MP up to and incl. 178cm


Jonas Ahmad, MP juniors


Patrik Larsson, CBB up to and incl. 180cm


Robert Berg, CBB up to and incl. 180cm


Evalinda Aarvaag, BF masters


Antonia Pesevski, BF juniors up to and incl. 163cm


Frida Bålefalk, BF +168cm


Kittie Dehn Rosengren, bikini +172cm


Fredrik Spång, BB masters 40-49 up to and incl. 80kg


Rabi Fakhro, BB up to and incl. 95kg


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Hullud suured koondised, tsehhe 55 inimest rootslasi 30 meid on ka 21 inimest, võib aimata, et hispaania koondis on 100 inimest.... :D . Eks kategooriaid on ka miljon, kuid paistab et tuleb päris osavõtu rohke võistlus.

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And the Norwegian team at the ECC will be //

Alexander Myrvold, MP juniors

David Ewald, CBB +180cm

Arnfinn Benterud, CBB masters +50

Leif Hestad, BB -100kg

Geir Smaadal, BB masters +50

Solveig Wilhelms, BF up to and incl. 168cm

Lill Nikolaisen, BF up to and incl. 158cm

Sandra Jokic, bikini juniors

Maria Ebeltoft, BF up to and incl. 163cm

(photos by www.treningsforum.no from Oslo GP held a couple of weeks ago)

Alexander Myrvold, MP juniors


Maria Ebeltoft, BF up to and incl. 163cm


Lill Nikolaisen, BF up to and incl. 158cm


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And a very competitive Estonian team //

post-6888-0-87913900-1398922454_thumb.jp post-6888-0-87913900-1398922454_thumb.jp post-6888-0-87913900-1398922454_thumb.jp

Endla Vaher, junior fitness over 163cm

Tatjana Kurilova, bikini fitness up to and incl. 166cm

Janika Aavamägi, junior bikini fitness up to and incl. 163cm

Egle Eller-Nabi, bikini fitness up to and incl. 169cm

Johanna Lond, junior fitness over 163cm

Reet Reimets, bikini fitness up to and incl. 172cm

Kristina Nuut, bikini fitness up to and incl. 172cm

Alexandra Laer, bikini fitness over 172cm

Nikita Dvorkin, junior men fitness

Siim Kelner, junior CBB

Raigo Kuusnõmm BB up to and incl. 75kg

Ott Kiivikas, BB up to and incl. 90kg

Rain Kuusnõmm, CBB up to and incl. 168cm

Imre Vähi Classic, CBB up to and incl. 180cm

Janar Rückenberg, CBB over 180cm

Esta Pilt, WPD up to and incl.163cm and BF masters +45

Darola Kruusik, BF up to and incl. 163cm

Anastasia Žerdetskaija, BF over 168cm

Most of these athletes were seen on the stage at the Estonian Cup held during the last weekend. More photos from that show - 3 weeks out from the IFBB Europeans - can be found HERE. (Sorry did not find photo of every athlete, feel free to add!)

Raigo Kuusnõmm BB up to and incl. 75kg


Janar Rückenberg, CBB over 180cm


Rain Kuusnõmm, CBB up to and incl. 168cm


Johanna Lond, junior fitness over 163cm (on the left) and Endla Vaher, women's junior fitness over 163cm


Esta Pilt, WPD up to and incl.163cm and BF masters +45


Janika Aavamägi, junior bikini fitness up to and incl. 163cm


Reet Reimets, bikini fitness up to and incl. 172cm


Kristina Nuut, bikini fitness up to and incl. 172cm


Alexandra Laer, bikini fitness over 172cm


Siim Kelner, junior CBB


Anastasia Žerdetskaija, BF over 168cm (on the left) and Darola Kruusik, BF up to and incl. 163cm


post-6888-0-87913900-1398922454_thumb.jp post-6888-0-87913900-1398922454_thumb.jp post-6888-0-87913900-1398922454_thumb.jp

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Head uudised Eurosport vahendab selle aasta Euroopa meistrivõistlusi Hispaaniast Santa -Susannas 14-18 mai! Ei tea mis mahus, kuid see on suur samm ala populariseerimiseks. Ca 10 aastat tagasi mäletan kanti pidevalt ka kulturismi Eurospordist üle - kunagi õnnestus endal lausa ühte reklaamklippi sisse saada oma vibutamisega.... ;)


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And in English // http://ebff.es/?p=5152


Dear friends:

As President of the European Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation, it is a great pleasure to extend my warmest welcome to all the athletes, delegates, officials and bodybuilding enthusiasts travelling to Spain, to hold, in one of the most beautiful resorts of the Mediterranean Catalonian coast, the 2014 European Bodybuilding & Fitness championships in which we are establishing a new record of attendance of competitors and countries.

We, in the IFBB family, are proud of the long term relationship of understanding, enjoyment and brotherhood established between our federation members and Santa Susanna.

In 2003, our ways crossed, and since then, we established a close relation that produced already many successful international events, with the bodybuilding and fitness lifestyleas protagonist, making Santa Susanna the World Fitness Capital.

This year the event will be Televised by Eurovision via satellite, what is an excellent news for the sport and the city.

The EBFF wishes to recognize and thank for their generous support and contribution the Santa Susanna City Hall and its Mayor and IFBB Patron, Mr. Joan Campolier, the original driving force and inspiration of this great concept;that will make once again possible that, next May 14-18, our best athletes will meet in a great sport environment at the city of Santa Susanna, to compete and enjoy nice journeys of friendship and solidarity, under the inspiration of our IFBB principles.

Thank you extended to the Spanish Bodybuilding Federation, with José and Carlos Ramos, and to all the officials and supporters, for their commitment and contributions to make possible the event.

Santa Susanna, a meaningful city for the legion of visitors that, throughout the year, enjoy their magnificent hotels, beaches and weather. It is becoming the most attractive meeting point for bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts that fell in love with this charming city, and for sure count the days in the calendar, waiting for a renewed meeting over there.

As a Spaniard I feel particularly proud of this success and I send through these lines my best wishes of success for all of you, and I look forward very much to meeting everyone next May in the sunny Santa Susanna.

Wishing all success and enjoyment.

Welcome to Santa Susanna!!! Welcome to the healthy lifestyle city!!!

Your friend,


Dr. Rafael Santonja
EBFF President

- See more at: http://ebff.es/?p=5152#sthash.m6hO3MbV.dpuf

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10:00 – 22:00 – Arrivals and continuous registration at the Caprici Verd Hotel


09:00 – 13:30: MORNING SESSION:
- Men Classic Bodybuilding
168 cm, 171 cm, 175 cm, 180 cm, +180 cm
13:30 – 14:30: Lunch

14:30 – 21:30: AFTERNOON SESSION:
- Men Bodybuilding 70 kg, 75 kg, 80 kg, 85 kg, 90 kg, 95 kg, 100 kg, +100 kg

FRIDAY, MAY 16TH, 2014

09:00 – 13:30: MORNING SESSION:
- Junior Men Classic Bodybuilding open

- Junior Men Bodybuilding 75 kg, +75 kg

- Master Men Classic Bodybuilding 40-49, over 50
13:30 – 14:30: Lunch

14:30 – 22:00: AFTERNOON SESSION;
- Master Men Bodybuilding 40-49, 50-59, 60-65, over 65
| - Men Physique 170 cm, 174 cm, 178 cm, +178 cm


09:00 – 13:00: EBFF International Congress + Election

13:00 – 14:00: Lunch

14:30 – 20:00: AFTERNOON SESSION:
- Wheelchair bodybuilding
- Mixed Pairs
- Junior Men Physique open
- Women Fitness 163 cm, +163 cm (Prejudging)
- Men Fitness open (Prejudging)
- Junior Women Bodyfitness 163 cm, +163 cm
- Junior Women Bikini Fitness 163 cm, +163 cm
- Junior Women Fitness 163 cm, + 163 cm (Prejudging)
- Junior Men Fitness open (Prejudging)

SUNDAY, MAY 18TH, 2014
09:00 – 13:30: MORNING SESSION:
- Women Fitness 163 cm, +163 cm (Finals)
- Men Fitness open (Finals)
- Master Women Bikini Fitness open
- Master Women Bodyfitness 35-44, over 45
- Women’s Physique 163 cm, +163 cm
13:30 – 14:30: Lunch
14:30 – 21:30: AFTERNOON SESSION:
- Junior Women Fitness 163 cm, +163 cm (Finals)
- Junior Men Fitness open (Finals)
- Women Bodyfitness 158 cm, 163 cm, 168 cm, +168 cm
- Women Bikini Fitness 160 cm, 163 cm, 166 cm, 169 cm, 172 cm, +172 cm


MONDAY, MAY 19TH, 2014
- Departures

This is TENTATIVE and it might be changed if necessary.

To avoid disappointment, please be prepared for any changes and check the information boards in the hotels regularly.

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Oh see oleks super kui saan ise laval kohe neljapäeval ära käia, siis saab rohkem teisi aidata peale oma võistlust. Tavaliselt on vastupidi meeste bb on kõige lõpus olnud, nüüd kohe meie klassikud ja kulturism on esimesel võistluspäeval.

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