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2013 IFBB amateur contest schedule announced!

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IFBB announces the 2013 IFBB TOP international amateur contest schedule (to be updated PLUS NOTE; this calender does not yet include other than international TOP events (championships etc), so the dates with other internationally-free-entry-events will be published later);


by Andrew Michalak

The recent IFBB International Congress in Guayaquil, Ecuador, approved the main IFBB regional, continental and world championships. The basic frame of events remains the same like in the previous years. The only two new positions are:

- Arnold Classic Brazil to be held in Rio at the end of April. This event will be open for competitors from South America, Central America and Caribbean only.

- Central American Games (recognized by the IOC) to be held in San Jose, Costa Rica, at the beginning of March. Open for ORDECA (Organización Deportiva Centroamericana) countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. Includes classic bodybuilding, fitness and bodyfitness. This will be the 10th edition of this Games, started in 1973.

Many locations of the 2012 IFBB championships offers also top tourist attractions but the most important matter is that our physique sports are expanding to the new territories and new regions of the globe.

Most of dates have already been fixed but, as usual, some small changes can be expected, so visit the IFBB website regularly to follow the updates, please. Note, that the World Men’s Championships will be held in the Arab country, so the date will be middle of a week, not the weekend. This is to be confirmed soon.


Amateur Arnold Classic America - Columbus, Ohio, USA, Feb. 28 - March 03

Central American Games – San Jose, Costa Rica, March 05-08

Arab Juniors, Men’s & Masters Championships - Alexandria, Egypt, April

Eastern European Cup - Murmansk, Russia, April 26-29

Amateur Arnold Classic Brazil - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 26-28

European Men’s BB and CBB Championships - Chisinau, Moldova, May 03-05

European Women’s, Juniors & Masters Champ. - St. Susanna, Spain, May 09-12

Asian Championships - Astana, Kazakhstan, June

IFBB Tahiti NUI Bodybuilding Cup – Tahiti, French Polynesia, Aug. 03-04

African Championships - Libya, Aug.

North American Championships - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Aug. 30-31

South American Championships - Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Sept. 05-08

Central American & Caribbean Champ. - St. Domingo, Dominican Rep., Sept. 09

World Women’s Championships - Kiev, Ukraine, Sept. 13-16

Amateur Arnold Classic Europe, Madrid, Spain, Oct. 11-13

Eastern European Championships - Perm, Russia, Oct. 25-28

World Men’s Bodybuilding Champ. - Marrakech, Morocco, second week of Nov.

World Classic Bodybuilding Championships - St. Poelten, Austria, Nov. 15-18

World Juniors & Masters Championships – request from Mongolia,Nov ?

In photos;

Rio, with its gigantic Christ-the-Redeemer monument, one of the biggest soccer stadiums in the world (Maracana) and famous beaches (Copacabana) will be the world sport capital in the upcoming years.

Kyiv already organized a couple of physique sport events but the World Championships will be staged for the first time there.

Marrakech is well-known from its unique Arabic climate and architecture but modern buildings and tourist centers have also been constructed there nowadays.

Astana, Kazakhstan, looks like a city from the 22

Chisinau (Kishinev), Moldova, will host the IFBB event for the first time.

The skyline of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. This city will be the 2013 South American Championships location.







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