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  1. Slowly but surely these keep coming out - our third day video: www.fasttv.fi
  2. Our second day video: www.fasttv.fi
  3. Our videos from this year's FitCamp will be published slowly but steadily; part one is now out: www.fasttv.fi
  4. Nordic Body&Fitness 2010 - ROAD-DOKK

    We're still adding videos on FAST-TV; the -90 kg class is now posted: www.fast-tv.fi
  5. The fourth and final part of our video series is now online: www.fasttv.fi
  6. Hi everyone - thanks for the great camp! We have some video footage of our trip to the camp, and the first part is out now: www.fasttv.fi
  7. GYM-TV has videos of the finals (although some stupid idiot is talking over them in Finnish). Currently the -170 cm and -175 cm categories finals are up on the site, the rest will be coming next week: -170 cm -175 cm
  8. Based on the pictures, Mikk should clearly win the CBB junior class. Topinka is a bit dryer in the glutes and hams, but Mikk looks better pretty much in everything else. Especially in the front poses Mikk dominates the class. BTW. It looks like the lighting isn't too bright, so it might be a good idea to use a little bit less Dream Tan tomorrow for the finals. Good luck!
  9. Here's a video of the Classic BB posing routines (finalists only): www.gym-tv.fi Also, Imre brought with him the 3rd place award from last year's Fitness.ee Cup to me, but then we got into a fight over the cool trophy as Imre liked it too much himself